Vault Use Cases

MetaDefender Vault can be used in conjunction with MetaDefender Kiosk for highly secure file transfer and storage applications where the use of an air gap is a requirement, or standalone for a variety of demanding secure file transfer and storage applications.

Vault and Kiosk (Transferring Data to a Highly Secure Network)

In this deployment option, MetaDefender Kiosk has MetaDefender Core installed and has no network connection. Virus definition updates are downloaded from a system connected to the internet and copied to physical media to be transferred to each MetaDefender Kiosk. Alternatively, customers can use a secure file transfer solution to transfer virus definition updates to each MetaDefender Kiosk.

  • Used in the most secure deployment scenarios, usually where an air gap is required.
  • Updating virus definitions requires bringing media (USB drive/DVD/CD) to each kiosk and applying the update on each one unless using a secure file transfer solution

Vault from a Corporate Network to a Secure Network

In this deployment option, MetaDefender Central Management is installed on a dedicated system that has network connections to each MetaDefender Kiosk. The kiosks have both MetaDefender Core and MetaDefender Client installed and have network connections to MetaDefender Central Management only. Virus definition updates are downloaded on the system with MetaDefender Central Management installed, and updates are applied to the kiosks via MetaDefender Central Management.

  • Easier to deploy than standalone systems with no network connectivity
  • Requires network connectivity between each kiosk and MetaDefender Central Management
  • Definition updates need to be transferred over the network
  • Requires an additional system for MetaDefender Central Management

Secure Network to a Less Secure Network

In this option, each kiosk has both MetaDefender Kiosk and MetaDefender Core installed and has internet connectivity.

  • Virus definitions are automatically kept up to date
  • Scanning kiosks do not have to have a connection to central server that is accessible from all kiosks
  • Multiple MetaDefender Core servers have to be updated during upgrades
  • Kiosks require a connection to the internet

Vault to Store and Manage Files between Secure Networks

MetaDefender Kiosk can be used in conjunction with a data diode and MetaDefender Vault to safely move files into a secure network without requiring portable media to be brought into the secure area. In this deployment, MetaDefender Kiosk is configured to send clean files through a data diode to a MetaDefender Vault server within the secure network. The end user can then leave the potentially untrusted media outside the secure network and retrieve their files directly from MetaDefender Vault.

  • Untrusted media is never introduced to the secure network
  • All files are logged and tracked for auditing purposes
  • Access to files is controlled, so only the right people are able to access PII
  • Requires a data diode and MetaDefender Vault server