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Email Security

Stop Zero-day Email Attacks

Conventional Email Gateways
MetaDefender Email Gateway Security

Conventional email security gateways cannot manage malware hidden in the macros of documents. When the user enables a macro, the malicious content will execute several steps to set up a communication channel with the C&C (command and control) server. The final goal is to take over control of users’ devices.

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security provides a comprehensive solution to stop these threats. Our zero-day malware prevention disarms not only attachments but also the email body by removing all potentially malicious content and delivering a clean and reconstructed file with full usability. OPSWAT Multiscanning provides advanced threat detection and prevention by combining the results of multiple scanning engines.

Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR)

Deep CDR is an advanced threat prevention technology that enables organizations to better protect themselves against state-sponsored attackers using sub-zero and zero-day exploits. It sanitizes attachments and emails in almost real time since it relies on prevention rather than detection.

Real-time Email Protection

Some techniques can detect unknown threats through deep analysis, but this may take more time than businesses can tolerate.

In contrast, Deep CDR technology does not rely on detection, but rather provides proactive protection on a near-real-time basis, eliminating the possibility of a machine and/or human error.

Challenges with Productivity Files

94% of malware is delivered through email and the top malware filetypes are still office documents.

Although sandboxing and almost all other techniques depend on detection, instead our Deep CDR protects against exploits and weaponized content that has not been seen before.

Password-Protected Files? No Issues

The recipient is required to provide a decryption password so that Deep CDR and Multiscanning are applied. When attachments are scanned and sanitized, fully usable files are delivered to an optional isolated storage or the user’s mailbox.

100+ Supported File Types

Deep CDR can support 100+ common file types, ensuring each file is completely usable with safe content. Supported file types include PDF, Microsoft Office, HTML, and many image files. Language/region-specific file formats like JTD and HWP files are also supported. Check supported file types here.

Deep CDR In Action

Different infected files have been scanned with 37 anti-malware engines. According to this image, our Multiscanning solution found different threats in each file.

The “Before sanitization” column shows how many anti-malware engines found the actual threat in the actual file, while “After sanitization” none of these threats was available.

Emotet Use-Case

Emotet is a 2019 strain of malware with email campaigns as its primary distribution method. After a 10-month hiatus, it officially returned in November 2021, infecting more than 100,000 hosts. The recent attacks were possibly carried out by a state-sponsored attack group.

From 2021 onwards, TrickBot-generated emails were delivered to victims using macro-laden MS Word and Excel programs.

Our Email Security Solution can protect organizations against Emotet as well by removing document-based threats from email attachments.

OPSWAT Multiscanning

Conventional Email Gateways
MetaDefender Email Gateway Security

One misconception is that an email gateway with one single antivirus engine provides adequate protection for email security. According to our research, different anti-malware vendors have relatively long reaction times to malware outbreaks - thus a single anti-malware can detect only 40%-80% of malicious content.

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security offers advanced threat prevention and protection against malware outbreaks, initiated through email. It analyzes each email with 20 anti-malware engines that use signatures, heuristics, and machine learning technologies, resulting in a high-speed Multiscanning.

Heuristic/Machine Learning Technologies

Advanced threat prevention technology scans emails addressed to Zero-day attacks. The OPSWAT Multiscanning technology protects against malware outbreaks by reducing exposure time.