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Email Security

Block Malware Outbreaks

Conventional Email Gateways
MetaDefender Email Gateway Security

The number of new threats is ever-increasing. Furthermore, there is a delay between the appearance of a malware threat and when anti-malware engines can detect it, thus organizations are potentially exposed to malware outbreaks if they are only using one or two antivirus engines.

By using multiple anti-malware engines at once companies can significantly increase the chance that a new threat is quickly detected and remediated. Referring to our research, with 8 engines, over 84% of threats can be detected, but with 20 engines, detection rates approach 99%.

Prepare for Advanced Threats with Multiscanning

Multiscanning with Signature-Based, Heuristic, and Machine Learning Technologies

OPSWAT Multiscanning uses signatures, heuristics, and machine learning technologies to provide the highest detection rates and the earliest protection against malware outbreaks.

Reduce the Window of Exposure

There is a significant lag between the appearance of new malware and its detection, and it is further compounded by the update latency of virus definition databases, which can be several hours. The larger the Virus Definition update window (exposure time) is, the more vulnerable your organization will be to email attacks. MetaDefender Email Gateway Security leverages Multiscanning technology with 20 AV engines that require only 10 minutes between 2 updates, significantly reducing the risk of malware outbreaks for organizations.

The Trusted Multiscanning Solution by Partners

Scanning with 20 AV engines delivers the best anti-malware solution.

Partner Testimonial

Multiscanning Efficacy

The more anti-malware engines used, the more effective the solution is. In a test of the top 10,000 active threats, Multiscanning achieved 84 percent detection with 8 engines and over 98 percent detection with 20 engines.

Threat Detection Matrix

Our email gateway security solution provides up to 20 anti-malware engines to provide the highest protection against malware outbreaks. The more scanning engines are added, the more top-threats are detected, providing more value-added with each MetaDefender Email Gateway Security package increment.