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Additional File Types Supported by Deep CDR

OPSWAT Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR) is an advanced threat prevention technology defeating any file-based attacks used for Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s), Ransomware, Zero-day attacks, etc. It sanitizes and reconstructs over 100 common file types, ensuring each file is completely usable with safe content. Supported file types include PDF, Microsoft Office, HTML, and many image files. Language/region specific file formats like JTD and HWP files are also supported.

Highlighted malicious files neutralized by Deep CDR

File TypeDeep CDR FeatureThreat DetectedReference Sample
DWGRemove macroMalicious macro View
DWGRemove malformed contentTrojan.JS.Iframe View
3DSFile reconstructionPotential threat
DAEFile reconstructionPotential threat
U3DFile reconstructionPotential threat
DRCFile reconstructionPotential threat
RVMFile reconstructionPotential threat
ICOSanitize internal imageHTML/ScrInject.B!exploit View
ICOSanitize internal imageTrojan:JS/BlacoleRef.NO View
ICOSanitize internal imageBackdoor.Poisonivy.E View
ICOSanitize internal imageDialer:Win32/InstantAccess View
ICOSanitize internal imageTR/Drop.Wutau.4.A View
ICOSanitize internal imageMal_Hifrm View
ICOSanitize internal imageTroj/Fujif-Gen View
ICOSanitize internal imageWorm.IRCBo View
ICOSanitize internal imageTrojan.Qhost View
ICOSanitize directory entries, remove internal imageExploit.Win32.IMG-JPG.A View
CURSanitize internal imageJS_REDIRECN.SM View
VSDMSanitize image, remove embedded objectHTML_IFRAME.AZ View
VSDMRemove macro, remove embedded objectWORM_MYDOOM.GEN View
VSDXFile reconstructionXML bomb View
VSSXSanitize imageEmbedded image is infected View
VSTXSanitize imageEmbedded image is infected View
VSSMSanitize imageEmbedded image is infected View
VSTMSanitize imageEmbedded image is infected View
AIFile reconstructionTrojan-Clicker.HTML.IFrame.Apn View
AIRemove macroJS.Exploit.Pdfka View
PSTFile reconstructionTrojan:Win32/Deshack.A View
TXTRemove invalid characterInvalid character View
TXTRemove invalid characterInvalid character View
HTARemove hyperlink, remove scriptJS/Redirector.Q.1 View
HTARemove script, remove hyperlinkHTML/ScrInject.B View
HTARemove hyperlink, remove scriptTrojan/JS.Phishing.A View
HTARemove scriptTrojan.JS.Chromex View
HTARemove scriptTrojan.JS.Cryxos View
HTARemove hyperlink, remove scriptTrojan.JS.Crypt View
XML-DOCConversionTrojan.O97M.Obfuse View
XML-DOCConversionTrojDocDl-NNN View
XML-DOCConversionJS/DwnLdr-SKY View
XML-DOCXConversionTrojanDownloader:JS/Nemucod View
XML-DOCXConversionTScope.Trojan.Delf View