Data Protection

Trust data entering and exiting endpoints

Unprotected endpoints expose enterprises to three significant risks:

  • Malware Infection
  • Sensitive Data Leakage
  • Compliance Violations

Portable media are often attacked by cybercriminals to transport malware. Even accidentally, portable media can facilitate the leak of sensitive data from a secure environment. By capturing keystrokes, cybercriminals log keyboards for passwords—to access sensitive data, breach secure networks, and directly steal currency and assets. Malicious applications may attempt to deploy the endpoint’s screen capture feature, to steal sensitive data. More frequently, employees legitimately use screen capture tools and unintentionally share information that was not meant to leave the environment.

All of these scenarios can result in compliance violations and reputational damage. OPSWAT’s Data Protection technology secures the data flowing through endpoints.

Capabilities and Benefits

Block. Encrypt. Secure.

To enforce endpoint security policies and manage device access to networks, OPSWAT’s Data Protection technology capabilities include:

USB Lock & Unlock—controls which endpoints are allowed to access to the contents of USB drives. Blocking access keeps malware from accessing the endpoint and, ultimately, the network. Limiting access also controls exposure to sensitive data from exiting the endpoint.

Anti-Screen Capture—blocks usage of the screen capture feature. Unauthorized applications may attempt to deploy screen capture to steal sensitive data or passwords. Legitimate users might use this feature, accidentally, in a way that violates a privacy policy. By blocking this feature, enterprises limit exposure to data loss and brand damage.

Anti-Keylogging—encrypts all keystrokes. Cybercriminals attempt to capture keystrokes to steal bank login information. In the enterprise, this can expand beyond the individual to gain password access to secure systems. By encrypting all keystrokes, data entry is protected.

OPSWAT Products That Use This Technology

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