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Secure your Enterprise Data Storage

MetaDefender for Secure Storage

SMB Compatible NAS Storage Security

How do you ensure enterprise data storage security for any high-volume NAS platform?

It is now possible to integrate MetaDefender for Secure Storage with any SMB-Compatible storage to provide multi-AV scanning, data sanitization, and other advanced vulnerability assessment and threat prevention benefits. Advanced encryption support is also available via SMB v3.1.1.

This allows you to employ the following best practices for SMB compatible NAS

Run periodic scans on your entire storage by scheduling automated processes.

Typically, it takes 6-9 months for organizations to even detect a data breach [1]- as demonstrated very dramatically in the famous 2020 Sunburst attack on SolarWinds and it’s 18,000 Orion customers.

Hackers do not make their presence known right away. Once they find a loophole to bypass your security perimeter, they will try to infiltrate further and gain more privileged access to collect more data and information.

Malicious code is often introduced via legitimate scripts (for example in Office Documents or productivity files) that reach out later to Command & Control servers to download malware.

Malware that employs timing-based evasive tactics bypasses even the most sophisticated sandboxes.

By periodically processing your entire SMB compatible NAS storage, you can catch any latent outbreaks early and limit damage.

Instant Scan for suspected infections

If you suspect your storage might have been compromised, kick off instant processing right away. In case there was a breach - the sooner you respond, the more money you can save [2]. In case there wasn’t – the sooner you know, the sooner you can go back to normal operations and minimize productivity loss for your workforce.

Scan real-time for new and modified files.

Users uploading files could have been hacked or might be using a system that is compromised. Often, attackers maintain persistence on machines with the intent to use them to come back to networks [3].

To ensure newly uploaded files do not introduce a threat inside your secured storage, make sure you process any new file as soon as it is uploaded by enabling real time processing.

Scan a single file.

If you suspect a single file, instantly process that file alone to verify if it was infected and take appropriate remediation actions right away.

All 4 of these protective actions can be scheduled or triggered with 1 click making it easy for you to secure your enterprise data storage.

Adding a storage instance to MetaDefender for Secure Storage

It is easy to integrate your SMB Compatible Storage with MetaDefender for Secure Storage to monitor and manage all your Storage instances and units (regardless of vendor) in one view - whether in the cloud or on-premises.


A typical scenario is taking files from one SMB compatible storage and moving them to another On-Premises or Cloud storage instance for backup.