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Secure your Enterprise Data Storage

MetaDefender for Secure Storage

Microsoft Azure Storage Security

Microsoft Azure storage has 2 storage modes:

  • Azure Blob which is an object storage type like AWS S3.
  • Azure File Type which is similar to a shared folder storage (SMB compatible).

Users can integrate Azure Blob or File Type storage in MetaDefender for Secure Storage to provide multi-AV malware scanning, data sanitization, sensitive data loss protection, and other advanced vulnerability assessment and threat prevention benefits via OPSWAT’s proprietary suite of technologies that includes Multiscanning, Deep CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction), Proactive DLP (Data Loss Prevention), and file-based vulnerability assessment in one easy-to-implement solution.

Adding an Azure Blob storage unit to MetaDefender for Secure Storage
Adding an Azure File Type storage unit to MetaDefender for Secure Storage

A typical workflow for Azure file upload scenario:

This workflow serves our B2C, B2B and government customers for the following scenarios:

  • B2C file uploads to cloud – Insurance claims, KYC(Know Your Customer) and similar use cases.
  • B2B file uploads to cloud – Suppliers’ portals, Invoicing, Insurance agents claims to insurance companies and similar use cases.
  • Citizens to Federal/State/Local governments file uploads

MetaDefender for Secure Storage for Azure Storage scanning can be implemented easily in a BYOL (Bring Your Own License) model on Azure itself - to save file upload/ download bandwidth costs.

For such implementation search MetaDefender for Secure Storage in Azure Market Place. For a license, please contact your local OPSWAT reseller or contact us to get a quote.