Storage Security

Secure Your Enterprise Data Storage

Protect Cloud and On-premises Storage with OPSWAT

Storage solutions facilitate access, sharing and collaboration, especially as organizations embrace digital transformation, cloud-based storage and remote work initiatives. However, such a diverse and distributed storage ecosystem can leave IT and security departments in a blind spot when it comes to malware and sensitive data loss.

Dedicated cloud storage solutions facilitate access, sharing and collaboration between the users of an organization, but can contain hidden malware and file-borne threats. MetaDefender for Secure Storage offers visibility into your stored data by identifying threats and reporting potential data loss. Organizations can protect their enterprise data storage and prevent data breaches, downtime and compliance violations across their complex storage environments.

Use-Cases for MetaDefender for Secure Storage

For your enterprise storage security, run periodic and real-time scans of your storage servers to prevent latent outbreaks. In addition:

Scan on-prem files before migrating to a cloud platform
  • Can you trust every file exchanged and stored in your cloud services or local storage?
  • Are you operating an IT environment strictly compliant with regulatory requirements for data security and privacy?

To protect your cloud platform and the customers and employees who access it – make sure all files are scanned with multiple anti-malware engines and data is sanitized before you migrate or back-up to cloud storage.

File Uploads from external sources to cloud storage
  • Can you trust every file your consumers or employees share or upload?
  • Are you sure your supplier’s, vendor’s, or partner’s portals are secure before you accept file transfers?

Protect against potential malicious payloads and treat all files as suspicious before you can trust them to not infect your storage. Not doing so can result in expensive ransomware payouts, compliance violations, and compromised infrastructure.