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Critical Network Protection

Secure end-to-end process for transferring files to and from your critical networks

Critical networks are especially challenging for security practitioners because isolated and air-gapped networks are vulnerable to attacks from portable media and other file transfer technologies. OPSWAT creates a secure end-to-end process for transferring files to and from critical networks, which is widely used in manufacturing, energy, government, banking, pharmaceutical, and entertainment industries.

MetaDefender Kiosk

MetaDefender Kiosk serves as a security checkpoint for preventing cybersecurity threats from entering critical networks via peripheral devices. Kiosk offers software and hardware form factors for any type of deployment environment. Kiosk is used by organizations that require the highest level of security, including critical infrastructure, government agencies, and financial institutions. MetaDefender Kiosk is used by the majority of North American nuclear operators, making MetaDefender the leading hardware-based portable media detection and file sanitization solution for the North American nuclear industry. 

MetaDefender Vault

MetaDefender Vault is a protected network storage location that can sit anywhere on a network and can be used with MetaDefender Kiosk for processed file storage. The technology enables the transfer of secure files into and out of isolated networks without the need to transport portable media into a facility. Guests and users can access all certified and checked files from MetaDefender Vault while leaving all USB drives at the perimeter. Checkpoints across isolated networks can be established strategically for visibility, audits, and malware prevention, wherever necessary. 

“Our MetaDefender Kiosks give us the added confidence in our ability to help keep our network malware-free.”

Ed Koeller

Security Analyst, Ameren

MetaDefender Platform

Learn more about MetaDefender secure data workflow solutions for air-gapped and isolated networks.