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Our mission is to reduce cyber security risks for enterprises and critical infrastructures. OPSWAT© Email Security Solutions feature unique capabilities that protect email more effectively.

OPSWAT© Email Security Solutions make sure your email is secured at an advanced level from the cloud and on-premises, helping to protect against sophisticated attacks, including undisclosed vulnerabilities, zero-day exploits, and malware.

Increasingly damaging cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated, targeted, and undetected

14K New Malware / Hour
2-16 h AV SignatureDatabase Update
min 12 % of Zero-day ThreatsBypass Gateways
85 % of Attacks ExploitHuman Element

Increasing Malware Volumes

  • Every day, corporations face 14K new malware every hour.
  • Total detected malware count exceeds 1.1B until 2022.
  • Polymorphic generators can hide actual viruses from AV scanners.
  • AV signature database update (exposure time) is typically between 2-16 hours.

    Increasing Sophistication

    • 12% of zero-day email threats bypass at minimum one gateway scanner.
    • 22K vulnerabilities were discovered in 2022, the oldest being 21 years old.
    • Attackers lure users into executing malicious code and exploiting vulnerabilities.
    • Hidden scripts in email attachments might execute zero-day threats.
    • Industry experts rank the Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology high on their priority matrices for network security for the next 2-5 years.

    Increasing Data Breaches

    • Email ranks second in the storage of sensitive data.
    • The cost of data breaches increased significantly by 9.8% between 2020 and 2021.

    Increasing Employee Risk

    • Email is still the number one initial attack vector.
    • BEC generated the highest average cost of breaches at $5.01M.
    • Social engineering and impersonation tactics are becoming more sophisticated.
    • Human error is involved in 85% of breaches, making users even more vulnerable.

    While user awareness is an important aspect of any good cybersecurity strategy, cyberattacks target user error, which means information security departments cannot solely rely on awareness and training. This is why industry experts suggest regularly reevaluating the capabilities and efficacy of current solutions when compared to new products.


    Reduce Your Security Risk Today

    Best Practices for Email Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection

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    How to Enhance Your Email Security

    OPSWAT© advanced email security solutions feature capabilities designed to fill security gaps, enhancing your overall level of protection.
    Email Capabilities
    Email Gateway
    Email Security
    Data Loss Prevention
    Content Disarm & Reconstruction
    Multiple Anti-Malware
    Link Reputation Check
    Single Anti-Malware

    Key Advantages

    Move email security protection to a higher level of effectiveness

    Reduce your email security risk

    Improve malware detection rate

    Complement detection with prevention-based technology

    MetaDefender Email Gateway Security

    OPSWAT© MetaDefender Email Gateway Security provides advanced email security protection for critical infrastructures that prefer on-premises deployment.


    Reduces human error by uncovering potential phishing attacks at multiple stages.

    Protects users from social engineering attacks, ensuring IT can rely less on user awareness.

    Increases the effectiveness of malware detection to provide advanced email protection.

    Reduces the Window of Vulnerability (WoV) against malware, effectively preventing malware outbreaks.

    Protects business productivity files by removing document-based threats from attachments.

    Effectively eliminates zero-day targeted attacks by relying on prevention rather than detection.

    Ensures compliance with PCI and other regulations for emails and protecting PII data within companies.

    MetaDefender Cloud Email Security

    OPSWAT© MetaDefender Cloud Email Security is an advanced email security solution based on the proven and award-winning MetaDefender Email Gateway Security technology, delivering that same trusted protection for cloud-based email.


    Reduces the overhead costs of installing, managing, and maintaining the system. Our SaaS offerings include all the maintenance and management from underlying infrastructure to software.

    Gain more flexibility for your business. Quickly scale your email security resources and functionalities to meet any business need without having to invest in physical infrastructure.

    Provides a single pane of glass for email security operations and reporting, reducing the time needed to manage email security.

    Ensures high availability at 99.99%.

    Based on the proven and award-winning MetaDefender Email Gateway Security, organizations can continue to improve security efficiency by moving to the cloud.

    By leveraging the benefits of Anti-Spam, Anti-Phishing, Deep CDR, and Multiscanning, organizations can still reduce their exposure to sophisticated email attacks and achieve advanced email protection with OPSWAT© Cloud Email Security.

    OPSWAT© MetaDefender Email Gateway Security and Cloud Email Security ensures secure and continuous email communication for organizations by reducing cybersecurity risks, increasing malware detection efficiency, protecting against undisclosed and zero-day exploits as well as weaponized content, and eliminating potential human errors.