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Advance Your Email Security Defense

Our mission is to reduce enterprise security risks, and that means making email security more effective. The OPSWAT Email Security solution features unique capabilities – including advanced threat detection and decreased outbreak detection time – that move email protection to a higher level of effectiveness.

Elevate your email protection to an advanced level with OPSWAT to ensure higher data integrity and availability with MetaDefender Email Gateway Security.

Increasingly damaging cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated, targeted, and undetected

14K New Malware / Hour
2-16 h AV SignatureDatabase Update
min 12 % of Zero-day ThreatsBypass Gateways
85 % of Attacks ExploitHuman Element

Increasing Malware Volumes

  • Each day, corporations face 14K new malware every hour.
  • Total detected malware count exceeds 1.1 B until 2022.
  • Polymorphic generators can hide actual viruses from AV scanners.
  • AV signature database update (exposure time) is typically between 2-16 hours.

    Increasing Sophistication

    • 12% of zero-day email threats bypass at minimum one gateway scanner.
    • Hidden script in email attachment turns corporate PC into a zombie.
    • The victim device launches further DOS attacks on behalf of the victim.
    • EU may sanction victims (and corporates) whose PCs are involved in an attack.

    Increasing Data Breaches

    • Email ranks second in the storage of sensitive data.
    • The cost of data breaches increased significantly by 9.8% between 2020 and 2021.

    Increasing Employee Risk

    • BEC generated the highest average cost of breaches at $5.01 million.
    • Social engineering and impersonation tactics are becoming widely sophisticated.
    • 85% of breaches involve the human element, thus users are even more vulnerable.

    Since cyberattacks take advantage of human error as the weakest link, information security departments should not rely solely on user awareness. In their 2021 Market Guide for Email Security, Gartner® recommends to regularly reevaluate the capabilities and effectiveness of your current solution compared to new products.


    Reduce Your Security Risk Today

    Best Practices for Email Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection

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    What we Offer

    OPSWAT has introduced additional key capabilities to fill in the security gaps, so you can achieve an even higher level of security posture.
    Email Capabilities
    Email Gateway
    Email Gateway
    Data Loss Prevention
    Content Disarm & Reconstruction
    Multiple Anti-Malware
    Link Reputation Check
    Single Anti-Malware

    Why an Advanced Email Gateway?

    Move your overall email security to a higher level of effectiveness

    Extend your current solution with advanced capabilities

    Reduce your email security risk further


    Reduce human error by uncovering potential phishing attacks on multiple stages.

    Protect users from social engineering attacks, ensuring IT can rely less on user awareness.

    Reduce the WoV (Window of Vulnerability) against malware by combining multiple AV signature databases updates.

    Protect business productivity files by removing document-based threats from attachments.

    Effectively eliminate zero-day targeted attacks by relying on prevention rather than detection.

    Ensure compliance with PCI and other regulations for emails and protecting PII data within companies.


    OPSWAT provides a fast, easy, and cost-effective solution to move your email security up to current risk demands.

    OPSWAT MetaDefender Email Gateway Security ensures secure and continuous email communication for business and critical infrastructures by reducing cybersecurity risks, increasing malware detection efficiency, and eliminating potential human errors.