Professional Services

At OPSWAT, "Trust no file/Trust no device" is not just a motto. It is the guiding philosophy at the core of everything we do.

Our team of Subject Matter Experts has years of experience in cybersecurity and risk mitigation. For nearly two decades, OPSWAT has offered innovative solutions to the evolving security challenges CIP industries face.

Solution Deployment Services

Getting it right is the only static variable in our Solution Deployments. With over 1,400 customers, we know no two are the same. Most importantly, we know how to listen. We leverage our expertise to ensure configurations are optimized for your business to realize the full power of OPSWAT. Have concerns about integration with existing systems? We can handle that. Need something tweaked to better suit your needs? No problem.

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Solution Assessment Services

The recent global shift to increased remote work has highlighted the challenges of cybersecurity compliance as never before. Security breaches can incur a costly combination of regulatory fines, impairment to business function, and reputational damage. OPSWAT Solution Assessment targets your area(s) of concern, determines compliance status, and provides guidance for improvement.

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Management Services

Whether your IT staff is lacking a cybersecurity specialist, or you’re budgeted-challenged in keeping up with the world's advanced persistent threats, we can help. Management Services will provide the absolute most value from your OPSWAT products. We keep them pristinely maintained and provide data driven proof of threat avoidance so you can stay focused on your core business competencies. Whether your environment is on-premise, cloud-based, or a hybrid, we have you covered.

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Invest in support, invest in security