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MetaDefender Core Customer Snapshot

Hawaii State Digital Archives

The Hawaii State Archives has a statutory responsibility for the management of all state government records, regardless of format, and a requirement to collect and preserve the historically significant records that the Hawaii government creates. To support this mandate, in 2010 the Hawaii State Archives began the Digital Archives Project, a multi-year, multi-agency effort whose goal is to develop the technical capacity and staff knowledge to preserve those digital records of state government that possess enduring legal, historical or fiscal value by protecting them from loss, alteration, deterioration and technological obsolescence while maintaining them in a trustworthy state. The Hawaii State Archives is accomplishing this goal through partnership with key stakeholders and development of specialized software that provides the ability to acquire and preserve authentic digital records with the objective of making the records accessible by the public in perpetuity.

Customer Challenges

Hawaii State Digital Archives is the agency whose primary responsibility is to collect and permanently store state government records of permanent value. Files are received from numerous government agencies and branches in a wide variety of formats and are cataloged and stored in the repository. Given the disparate nature of the files and the submitters, the majority of the files originate from outside of the Hawaii State Digital Archives’ trusted security network, and the Archives is unable to verify that each incoming file is free of any threats before being stored in its archival repository.

The Hawaii State Digital Archives was in need of a solution that could identify and analyze the multitude of file types being transferred, and provide the highest level of assurance that the files submitted from external sources were not infected with malware. Additionally, the Hawaii State Digital Archives was interested in detecting and preventing any advanced threats that might have been missed by the existing anti-malware software.

OPSWAT’s Solution

OPSWAT’s multi-scanning technology Metascan® (now MetaDefender) was selected by the Hawaii State Digital Archives to provide advanced malware analysis of all incoming files, as well as files stored within the repository. Utilizing the Metascan 4 package, in addition to their existing anti-malware software, all incoming files will be scanned for malware, against 5 anti-malware engines, to ensure that all files are free of threats prior to being stored in the repository. Metascan also allows the Hawaii State Digital Archives to look up the hash (SHA256, SHA1, MD5) of files to quickly and easily determine if the file has been previously scanned, and if so, obtain the results of that scan.

Additionally, Metascan contains an auto-update mechanism that ensures that all of the anti-malware engines remain current with the latest signature updates. This ensures that each file is scanned with the latest anti-malware engine definition, allowing for the detection of new, complex threats that might not be detected by a previous anti-malware signature prior to transfer.

Ensuring the integrity of each incoming file from outside organizations has been a difficult task for our archive administrators. Since integrating Metascan into our workflow, we’ve been able to easily scan all incoming files for malware and guarantee they will be preserved for future generations.

Adam Jansen
Information Management Consultant


The use of multiple anti-malware engines increases the level of assurance for the Hawaii State Digital Archives that each file being stored in their record database will remain free of malware. The multi-scanning engines provided by Metascan will help the Hawaii Digital Archives to ensure the integrity of each file, and will continue to do so throughout the life of the archives, preserving the data in a trustworthy state for future generations.

Metascan will provide the Hawaii State Digital Archives with a more effortless approach to threat detection. Metascan can be scheduled to periodically scan predefined files and folders to validate that the files have not been altered or damaged while stored within the repository. This feature will help the Hawaii State Digital Archives maintain their secure state while minimizing the overhead by the archives’ administrators.

For more information about Metascan please visit the product page. To learn about integrating the multi-scanning technology within your security infrastructure, please contact us.