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Protecting Your Cloud Infrastructure

To keep up with today’s digital transformation, many enterprises are progressively building their infrastructure in the cloud which increases their attack surface and brings new and evolving threats.

Under the AWS shared responsibility model, AWS customers are responsible for securing their content as well as their platforms, applications, systems, and networks that are deployed on the cloud. This is similar to the protections that organizations need to incorporate for their on-premises systems.

Building on its advanced technology collaboration with AWS, OPSWAT is proud to offer an advanced multi-layer security platform that prevents malicious traffic from infiltrating your AWS Cloud deployment and protects your mission-critical data from deliberate theft or inadvertent leakage.

MetaDefender on AWS can help you

  • Prevent malicious file uploads to web applications deployed on AWS
  • Prevent data breaches, downtime, and compliance violations in your cloud storage
  • No data transfer costs or privacy concerns as deployment and analysis are in your own environment with no data shared outside of it
  • Identify vulnerabilities for all running services and applications deployed on AWS
  • Deploy on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) with MetaDefender pre-installed (AMI for Windows, AMI for Linux), or download and install MetaDefender on your existing AWS deployment
  • High performance file processing in milliseconds, with load balancing available for high traffic deployments

MetaDefender Features and Benefits

Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR)

Prevent Evasive Malware and Zero-Day Attacks

Remove any potentially malicious objects embedded in files to prevent zero-day attacks and unknown threats. Rebuild over 100 common file types, ensuring maximum usability with safe content.


Maximum Known Malware Detection

Choose from over 30 leading anti-malware engines to detect 99%+ of malware threats by using signatures, heuristics and machine learning. Single-source antivirus licensing through OPSWAT helps reduce overhead cost.

File-Based Vulnerability Assessment

Detect Vulnerabilities Before Installation

Scan and analyze binaries and installers to detect known application vulnerabilities before they are executed on endpoint devices, including IoT devices.

Proactive Data Loss Prevention (Proactive DLP)

Prevent Potential Data Breaches and Regulatory Compliance Violations

Content-check 30+ common file types for personally identifiable information (PII) and redact or watermark sensitive data before it is shared.

200+ File Conversion Options

Customize File Conversion

Keep files usable and intact through true “reconstruction” of file types or flatten files to less complex formats.

4,500+ File Type Verifications

Minimize the Risk of File Type Spoofing

Verify over 4,500 file types to determine the actual file type based on the content of the file, not the unreliable extension to combat spoofed file attacks.

“With MetaDefender Deep CDR, Upwork was able to prevent 100% of zero-day file attacks, compared to only 70% blocked by standard AV. All files with active objects are sanitized. 75% of files are processed and ready in less than a second and 99% in less than six seconds.”

Head of Security at Upwork

MetaDefender on AWS Use Cases

Secure Your Enterprise Data Storage

MetaDefender for Secure Storage protects your Amazon S3 buckets against both known and unknown threats using advanced threat prevention technologies.

Protect Web Portals from Malicious File Uploads

MetaDefender Core AMI prevents malicious file uploads on web applications. Advanced malware can bypass sandboxes and evade traditional threat prevention solutions.

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