MetaDefender Malware Analyzer

Smarter Malware Analysis for Critical Infrastructures

Single Solution for Malware Analysis Needs

  • Integrates all necessary analysis components from a single console
  • Easy-to-use framework for analysis orchestration, automation, and reporting
  • Addresses file-based threats across both IT and OT critical infrastructures

Full Automation Across Multiple Tools — for both OT and IT-based threats

  • Automated playbooks include OPSWAT analysis technologies and popular third-party tools
  • Improves Incident Response with timely and actionable intelligence consolidated across tools
  • Delivers greater performance and scalability to ensure no threats go uninvestigated

Making Malware Analysis Smarter

Visual Analysis Workflows

A visual canvas-like environment makes creating automated playbooks as easy as drag-and-drop.

Native OPSWAT Tools Included

Improve detection results with high-efficacy multiscanning and ultra-fast dynamic analysis.

Optimize Existing Tools

Leverage all the distinct analysis capabilities and strengths across your toolset for maximum results.

Automate Analysis

Maximize malware analysis through a unified integration, orchestration, automation, and reporting framework.

Local Threat Intelligence

Provide on-premises or private cloud indicator repositories compatible with the Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP).

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Quick Actionable Threat Intelligence

Reduce Demands on Cybersecurity Staff

Reduce Tools Complexity

Manage all your analysis tools from a single console and consolidate analysis and reporting.

Simplify Orchestration

Easy-to-define workflows execute the right analysis for specific types of threats and environments.

Maximize Analysis Resources

​Extend OPSWAT's native analysis technologies with complementary third-party tools.

Consolidate Analysis Results

Provide more complete and accurate insights into threats.

Increase Threat Visibility

Enjoy complete visibility across the entire set of analysis tools, from a single pane of glass.

One Solution for Smarter Malware Analysis

Changing the Game for Malware Analysis

MetaDefender Malware Analyzer vs. Legacy Malware Analysis Tools

Malware Analyzer
Legacy Static Analysis Tools
Legacy Dynamic Analysis Tools
Static Analysis
Dynamic Analysis for IT infrastructure
Dynamic Analysis for ICS/OT infrastructure
Network Analysis
Custom Analysis Workflows
Automated Analysis Playbooks
MISP Support
YARA Support


Provide a fast and accurate approach to analyzing malware impacting IT and OT environments, providing actionable intelligence to incident responders.



Leverage a trusted source of information about threats and threat actors in order to mitigate harmful events and the associated cyber risk.


SOC Services

Apply managed security services to fill gaps in cyber skills staffing and reduce the costs associated with tooling and ongoing management of these resources.

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Getting Started with Smarter Malware Analysis

Analysis Node
Available Integrations
Static Analysis
MetaDefender Core (Multiscanning)
Dynamic Analysis
  • OPSWAT Sandbox
  • Hatching Sandbox
  • Cuckoo Sandbox
Other Analysis
  • Detect It Easy
  • Mandiant CAPA
Threat Sharing
MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform)
Other Third-Party Tools
Minimum requirements
Malware Analyzer
  • Hardware
    • CPU: 4-core
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • 500 GB
  • OS: Windows 10-64 or Windows Server 2019
Other Enabling Applications
  • CAI (Custom Application Integration) v1.3.2​
  • MetaDefender Core v5.0​
  • Powershell v7.1.3
30K files per day per System
(dependent on analysis nodes and complexity of workflows)​

See how smarter, faster malware analysis solutions from OPSWAT can help protect your critical infrastructure.

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