MetaDefender ICAP Server - Use Cases

MetaDefender ICAP Server can be used with any ICAP-enabled network appliance to provide industry leading advanced threat protection. This page lists examples of the different types of network appliances that MetaDefender ICAP Server can work with.

File Upload Security

A compromised server can be used to distribute malware, demand ransom, or steal sensitive data. Threat actors can bypass traditional network monitoring and security to upload malicious files or overwrite existing files to launch a server-side attack. MetaDefender ICAP Server protects your network and application web servers from infected file uploads by inspecting the files for any embedded malware and malicious content before they reach your website.

Application Delivery Controller

MetaDefender ICAP Server can be integrated with Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) to provide superior protection against known as well as unidentified cyber threats. Through its ICAP integration, MetaDefender protects all files uploaded through the ADC.

Reverse Proxy and Load Balancer

System administrators can set up any reverse proxy that implements ICAP to automatically forward any uploaded files to MetaDefender ICAP Server, which will then scan files for threats and vulnerabilities as well as sanitize files.

Web Application Firewall

Integrating MetaDefender ICAP Server with Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) to add an additional security layer that detects malicious activities and prevents advanced threats from reaching your web application

Supported Appliances


Enterprise File Transfer and Storage

Mass transfer of business documents between internal departments, partners, and customers offer attackers another method to move laterally across organizations. Malicious code originating from another network can expose the organization to malware outbreaks, data theft, exposure of sensitive material, and fines. Add another layer of trust to your business best practices by implementing MetaDefender ICAP Server at the central file transfer gateway or repository.

Managed File Transfer

Integrate MetaDefender ICAP Server with Managed File Transfers (MFTs) to scan and analyze all file content that moves through the MFT upon upload, download, or at rest.

Enterprise Storage

Protect critical data by adding MetaDefender’s advanced threat protection on storage devices such as Dell EMC Isilon.

Secure Remote Access

File transfers from a remote endpoint device to a server environment may contain file-based threats. MetaDefender ICAP Server scans all files sent from a remote network before they are uploaded to the internal server.

Web Traffic Security and SSL Inspection

Users are susceptible to social engineering while browsing the web and sometimes reputable websites can be compromised. Prevent malicious files from being downloaded from the internet by your users. Screen web traffic before it reaches your secured network using MetaDefender ICAP Server integrated at the network gateway.

Forward Proxy

System administrators can set up any proxy that implements ICAP, such as the Squid Open Proxy or Blue Coat® ProxySG, to automatically send HTTP requests to MetaDefender ICAP Server for advanced threat prevention.

Web Gateway

By offloading value-added services such as content scanning from web gateways to MetaDefender ICAP Server, web gateways can be scaled according to raw HTTP throughput instead of having to handle these extra tasks.

Next-Generation Firewall

Integrating a firewall with MetaDefender ICAP Server allows the firewall to offload work to a separate server specifically set up for the specialized processing (Deep CDR, Multiscanning, and malware and file-based vulnerability scanning) of the incoming traffic. This significantly reduces the resource strain on the firewall.

Supported Appliances

Fortinet FortiGate

SSL Inspection and Termination

By using SSL inspectors together with MetaDefender ICAP Server, you can scan HTTP, decrypted SSL/TLS, and non-SSL traffic flow to achieve simple and agile threat detection and prevention.

Intrusion Prevention System

MetaDefender ICAP Server significantly enhances the effectiveness of Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs) by adding advanced threat and vulnerability detection and prevention.