MetaDefender Drive

Trust you can hold in your hand

Assess threats in any USB bootable system

Transient devices like laptops can be compromised when used outside of secure facilities and networks. This includes contractor laptops, executive travelers, remote access workers, etc. Other compromise vectors for transient systems include the exfiltration of private or controlled proprietary data.

In addition to transient devices, development environments and their software development environments can be compromised through shared open-source code. For software development entities that deliver hardware systems along with their developed software they could effectively deliver compromised systems to their internal or external clients.

MetaDefender Drive is the protection that these systems need. It is a secure firmware bootable USB used for assessing malware, vulnerabilities, and sensitive data in any USB bootable system. MetaDefender Drive uses the system’s inherent resources (CPU and RAM) to process the boot partitions and all files on the internal drives. It has also been optimized to lower its footprint for resource constrained devices often found in critical infrastructure like laptops as low as 1G RAM and 1 CPU.

Any company that has transient assets or ships pre-installed systems to internal or external clients needs the protection of MetaDefender Drive. Any entity that uses only one vendor antimalware and heuristics engine is placing their company at risk. MetaDefender Drive is shipped with up to five separate vendor engines for analysis and identification of malware, vulnerabilities, country of origin, and data loss protection.

Insert. Reboot. Inspect

  • Scan your device including the boot sector
  • Multiscanning engines including McAfee, AVIRA, Bitdefender, and more. Detecting threats others may miss.
  • Forensics of compromised systems allows copy of known good files to secondary storage device or MetaDefender Vault
  • Scan for tens of thousands of known vulnerabilities.
  • Support online and offline environments (Internet optional).
  • Detect sensitive data in stored documents, images and videos.
  • Detect software components manufactured by foreign adversaries.
  • Support all popular operating systems - Windows, Linux, macOS.
  • Supports encrypted hard drives using BitLocker, FileVault, LUKS, and more.
  • Analysis, reports, and deployments are centrally managed via OPSWAT Central Management.

Features & Benefits

Secure device transfer to and from your critical networks

Detect malware that other solutions may have missed

Any entity that uses only one vendor antimalware and heuristics engine is placing their company at risk for Zero Day compromise. MetaDefender Drive leverages up to five anti-malware engines to increase detection rate to greater than 99% and reduce cyber risk.

Detect vulnerabilities when your devices are offline

MetaDefender Drive enables you to scan your devices for vulnerabilities within installed software, IoT controllers, and firmware updates.

Data Loss Prevention

MetaDefender Drive can detect sensitive and confidential data, such as PII, including credit card and social security numbers in documents, images, and videos.

Country of origin detection

MetaDefender Drive integrates Country of Origin detection to show the national origin of files about the developing countries of the applications of files. We can declare which countries of the software being published from maybe belong to the Government’s foreign adversaries list.

Scanning from a secure system produces trusted results

Your device will boot from MetaDefender Drive’s secure operating system which enables scanning your target system to the kernel level, all while it’s not actively running. This warrants better detection of advanced malware like rootkits, which can be missed by traditional and next generation anti-malware.
MetaDefender Drive supports Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

Manage to scale

MetaDefender Drive can be managed by OPSWAT Central Management remotely, perfect for large scale deployments. All the detailed analysis reports can be centrally collected, analyzed on a single pane of glass.

Report for better decisions

MetaDefender Drive generates a detailed report that enables you to make informed decisions with trusted results.

Easy to install and manage

OT Drive Toolkit is a robust, fast, and reliable utility made by OPSWAT that helps you install, inspect and manage your Drives with ease.

Use Cases

Industrial Cybersecurity

MetaDefender Drive provides an auditable process to inspect devices before bringing them into and out of your security perimeter.

Malware Analysis

MetaDefender Drive can scan an infected device to inspect and select which files are safe to copy over for recovering and using.

Malware Prevention

By booting into its own self contained operation system, MetaDefender Drive can inspect every file on targeted machines at a very low level to find root kits.

Meet compliance regulation

MetaDefender Drive is deployed in many high security environments with extensive regulation to insure you aren't using products outlawed in executive orders.

MetaDefender Drive Options

Detect threats using multiple anti-malware engines
5 engines
Ahnlab, Avira, Bitdefender, K7, Kaspersky
5 engines
Avira, Bitdefender, ESET, K7, McAfee
Proactive DLP
Detect sensitive data (SSN, credit card number, etc.)
Detect vulnerable applications before being installed
Hardware compliant to regulations
Write Speed
Faster write speed reduces processing time