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VIPRE Security is a leading provider of advanced security products purpose-built to protect major attack vectors from today’s most costly and malicious online threats. Leveraging decades of proven industry expertise, our award-winning software portfolio includes comprehensive email and endpoint security, along with real-time threat intelligence and the industry’s premier sandbox for next-gen malware analysis.
Unlike competitive solutions, VIPRE products combine a comprehensive layered defense against evolving threats, that receive the highest ratings from leading independent testing agencies, with the industry’s most intuitive user interface. . We offer server and cloud-based deployment, plus mobile interfaces that enable instant threat response—anywhere, anytime, from any device

WindowsVIPRE Business Endpoint Security 10.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsVIPRE Advanced Security For Home 10.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsVIPRE Antivirus 7.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsVIPRE Antivirus Business 9.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsVIPRE Business 7.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsVIPRE Business Agent 10.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsVIPRE Business Agent 9.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsVIPRE Business Agent Premium 10.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsVIPRE Business Endpoint Security 9.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsVIPRE Business Premium 9.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsVIPRE Business Premium 7.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsVIPRE Business Premium 7.xPatch Managementgold
WindowsVIPRE Business Premium Agent 9.xPatch Managementgold
WindowsVIPRE Endpoint Security Agent 12.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsVIPRE Endpoint Security Agent 9.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsVIPRE Endpoint Security Agent 9.xPatch Managementgold
WindowsVIPRE Internet Security 9.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsVIPRE Internet Security 9.xPatch Managementgold