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ServiceNow + OPSWAT

By partnering with OPSWAT and integrating with MetaDefender Cloud, ServiceNow customers can leverage MetaDefender Cloud's multi-scanning, threat intelligence, IP reputation, and vulnerability assessment technology.

ServiceNow helps IT departments to be more efficient by offering IT automation and orchestration through their platform. For each security incident, IP addresses, hashes, and more are automatically processed by MetaDefender Cloud, and the resulting data is attached to the notes for each security ticket. When IT administrators or security teams go to look at the security logs, this information is already there for them. Information provided includes binary reputation, IP network connections and reputation, associated vulnerabilities, and threat intelligence.

Phil DiCorpo

Director of Product Management

Discusses the benefits of partnering with OPSWAT

Joint Solution Components


  • Automatically get scan results and information for each potential security incident
  • Save time on malware analysis for incident response
  • Automate security processes for more efficient responses and tighter security

Different observables associated with the incident things like IP addresses, URLs, hashes we can automatically go make lookups into OPSWAT MetaDefender, determine if they're a part of a known threat, get the associated metadata, and attach it and embed it directly within the security incident. Before the analyst even opens up that security incident to take a look at it, all that enrichment data is there. That really helps expedite the process in terms of helping them decide what to do in terms of next steps.

Phil DiCorpo
Director of Product Management

Additional Benefits

By using MetaDefender Cloud with ServiceNow, you will be able to leverage all threat detection and prevention functionalities available in our product:

  • Data sanitization (CDR) in order to remove any potentially malicious object embedded in a productivity file
  • Vulnerability check for all binaries downloaded
  • Multi-scanning and heuristics for handling known and unknown threats
  • File type verification for protecting your organization from spoofing attacks
  • Archive extraction for better malware detection rates and protection against archive bombs

About Partner

ServiceNow makes work better across the enterprise. Getting simple stuff done at work can be easy, and getting complex multi-step tasks completed can be painless. Our applications automate, predict, digitize and optimize business processes and tasks, from IT to Customer Service to Security Operations and to Human Resources, creating a better experience for your employees, users and customers while transforming your enterprise. ServiceNow (NYSE:NOW) is how work gets done.

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The ServiceNow Nonstop Cloud is always on. No customer instance is ever offline or taken down for any reason. The unique, multi-instance architecture ensures each customer can fully customize cloud services and perform upgrades on their own schedule. Highly secure, the Nonstop Cloud conforms to the highest levels of compliance and global regulations. And an industry leading, advanced, high-availability infrastructure ensures instance redundancy between two data center clusters in every geography, scaling to meet the needs of the largest global enterprises.

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