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F-Secure + OPSWAT

F-Secure is a leading provider of centrally managed security for today's mobile, wireless enterprise. The company offers a full range of award-winning, integrated antivirus, file encryption, distributed firewall, and VPN solutions for workstations, servers, gateways, and mobile devices. F-Secure products are uniquely suited for delivery of Security as a Service™ which provides invisible, reliable, always-on, and up-to-date security for the most widely distributed user base. Whether provided by corporate IT or delivered through service providers, F-Secure solutions extend policy-based security and instant alerts to all devices where information is created, stored, or accessed. Founded in 1988, F-Secure is listed on the Helsinki Exchanges. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland with North American headquarters in San Jose, California, as well as offices worldwide.

WindowsF-Secure Server Protection 19.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsF-Secure Anti-Virus 18.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsF-Secure Anti-Virus 17.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsF-Secure Anti-Virus 14.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure Anti-Virus 13.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure Anti-Virus 12.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations 11.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations 10.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations 9.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure Client Security 13.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure Client Security 12.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure Client Security 11.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure Client Security 10.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure Client Security 9.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure Client Security Premium 13.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure Client Security Premium 12.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure Client Security Premium 11.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure Internet Security 18.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsF-Secure Internet Security 17.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsF-Secure Internet Security 16.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsF-Secure Internet Security 15.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsF-Secure Internet Security 14.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsSpectrum Security Suite 18.xAnti-malwareplatinum
WindowsF-Secure Internet Security 13.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure Internet Security 12.xAnti-malwaregold
WindowsF-Secure PSB Workstation Security 10.xAnti-malwaregold
MacWithSecure F-Secure Client Security 15.xAnti-malwaregold
MacF-Secure Anti-Virus For Mac 17.xAnti-malwaregold
MacF-Secure Anti-Virus For Mac 18.xAnti-malwaregold
MacF-Secure SAFE 18.xAnti-malwaregold
MacWithSecure F-Secure Computer Protection for Mac 17.xAnti-malwaregold
MacWithSecure F-Secure Computer Protection and Rapid Detection & Response for Mac 17.xAnti-malwaregold