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Uncover Sophisticated Phishing Attacks​

Conventional Email Gateways
MetaDefender Email Gateway Security

Real-time detection of phishing, BEC, and account takeover attacks is difficult. Moreover, many email security products remain ineffective against malicious hyperlinks embedded in emails. As a consequence, users may be directed to malicious websites where they are exposed to cybercrime.

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security addresses phishing attacks in multiple stages. First, our anti-phishing applies advanced heuristic and spear-phishing filters to better detect social engineering attacks. Next, IP, domain, content reputation checks, and link neutralization are applied.

Layered Anti-phishing Technologies

Our approach is to leverage multi-layered, proactive, anti-phishing, and anti-spam technologies with a low false positive rate, effectively preventing exposure to spam and phishing attacks while enabling legitimate emails to reach users. Our solution ensures your productivity is not affected.

By combining multiple detection technologies, including advanced heuristic predictive methods and machine learning algorithms, MetaDefender Email Gateway Security sends emails through a series of blacklists and content-filtering technologies to identify spam, social engineering, blackmail scams, and malicious phishing attacks.

Spear Phishing and Social Engineering Detection

Spear phishing attacks are detected based on the content filtering of FROM and Reply-to headers. In addition, the proactive heuristic detection technology combines complex spam and phishing email patterns, advanced heuristic filters, and content analysis, to deliver better scanning results against social engineering emails.

IP, Domain, and URL-Reputation Checks

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security uses various techniques to uncover potential phishing attacks. First, it ensures the proactive detection of phishing emails based on the sender's IP address. Then, the content fingerprint check is performed on the email structure, headers, and body by using cryptographic hashes. Finally, the embedded URLs of email messages are extracted and checked against a real-time blacklist, so malicious links are blocked and/or neutralized by exposing them to plain text.

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Real-Time URL Link Analysis

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security performs an additional URL reputation check upon click. The hyperlinks in the emails are rewritten to redirect the user toward MetaDefender Cloud for an additional reputation check, which notifies them of potential risks.

Blackmail Scam Detection

To prevent extortionist scams, MetaDefender Email Gateway Security uses blacklists of cryptocurrency addresses that cover a wide range of types.

Industry-Leading Anti-Spam Technology


Our solution combines spam filtering and advanced predictive technologies to detect spam messages in any language effectively. MetaDefender Email Gateway Security includes the only anti-spam solution that has achieved an average spam detection rate of more than 99.9% in 24 consecutive VBSpam tests, with zero false positives.

Significant Spam Reduction

Our detection approach doesn’t rely on user awareness. Instead, it delivers a mixture of technologies such as full multi-threading and concurrency scans to keep your mailbox free of spam.