MetaAccess™ Customer Snapshot


PCWizrd is an MSP (Managed Service Provider) specializing in IT security products, serving small and medium-sized business in Canada. They specialize in taking global products and delivering them to smaller customers. A majority of their customers consist of SMBs or non-profits, who may find it difficult or impractical to maintain an IT staff. This is where PCWizrd provides a valuable resource. Their team of experienced IT pros can evaluate the computing needs of a business, deliver and implement the best solutions, and monitor for any problems that may arise.

Customer Challenges

Many of PCWizrd’s customers are spread out across Canada, and they can't afford a full-time IT department but still need IT support. MSPs like PCWizrd fulfill this need by managing the IT needs of many different organizations, but this presents challenges around remotely managing the security of computers in a variety of environments with a variety of security software. PCWizrd was looking for a solution that would allow them to easily manage the security of their clients’ devices without having people on-site 24/7. They needed a solution with powerful monitoring of a wide range of security software, visibility into critical security issues that could arise on a device, and ease of use for resolving problems as quickly as possible.

OPSWAT’s Solution

While searching for a remote IT security management tool, PCWizrd discovered MetaAccess (formerly MetaDefender Endpoint Management). MetaAccess provides a platform for tracking the security of all of their client machines, including Windows and Mac, without the need for on-site technicians. The application gives them visibility and control over a variety of protection applications such as antivirus, hard disk encryption, firewall and more, including tools that PCWizrd recommends to their customers like Sophos Endpoint Security. MetaAccess also allows them to easily identify when devices’ operating systems are out-of-date, if they are not password protected, and if they are infected. These features help PCWizrd protect their small and medium-sized business clients from data breaches. With the AppRemover features in MetaAccess, admins can also easily uninstall PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications) or legacy security software, without following complicated online removal instructions.

MetaAccess makes our lives easier. Customers love that we can identify and fix an issue before they even know it’s a problem

Scott Pettie
CIO/Owner, PCWizrd


MetaAccess has enabled PCWizrd to become a more agile company that can deliver a higher level of service to their customers. The ability to have multiple administrators access the MetaAccess dashboard at a time allows them to resolve customer issues sooner. Some of the most important features of the application for PCWizrd are the ability scan devices for threats using MetaDefender Cloud 44 anti-malware engines, check for available OS updates, and the ability to see if antivirus RTP (Real Time Protection) and password lock are enabled on a device. Because MetaAccess is free for up to 25 devices, PCWizrd was also able to easily evaluate MetaAccess with a subset of their client devices before deciding to move forward with the solution for all clients. MSPs are a fast growing segment, and competition is fierce. MetaAccess gives PCWizrd the competitive advantage they need by identifying customer problems before their team arrives on-site.

For more information about MetaAccess, the vendor-agnostic endpoint security management platform, please visit the product page.