Government Services Case Study

OPSWAT Securely Enables the Digital
Transformation of Government Services


A Canadian Government organization established to deliver a wide range of services (including licensing) to residents of Canada and to internal government clients.


Web Applications Are Vulnerable to Malicious File Uploads

This Canadian Government organization is a pioneer in digital transformation, which is why they have used OPSWAT MetaDefender for more than 15 years. The Canadian government services company offers more than 300 federal, provincial and municipal government services to the public.

Services such as licensing are far more convenient through web applications, but allowing users to upload PDFs, image files, and other documents opens an attack vector for malware. These common document types include embedded functionality that enables attackers to hide malicious scripts and URLs.

This Canadian Government organization developed its application architecture to incorporate security. Their business requirements identified they could not accept or allow their clients and customers to upload documents without a security solution for file uploads in place. Yet a faulty antivirus integration would have broken the application by eliminating the file attachments and causing errors.

Securely Enable the Digital Transformation of Government Services

Scan 10,000+ File Uploads per Day

A Trusted Scalable Solution for over 15 years



OPSWAT MetaDefender Core Detects More than 99% of Malware with Antivirus Multiscanning

OPSWAT MetaDefender Core is an advanced threat prevention solution that detects, analyzes and eliminates malware, and zero-day attacks.

Overview of the MetaDefender platform's features and capabilities

OPSWAT MetaDefender Core provides antivirus multiscanning that simultaneously leverages the signatures, heuristics and machine learning of more than 30 leading anti-malware engines for detection rates exceeding 99% and lower false positives. OPSWAT offers an API integration that has enabled seamless deployment.


A Solution That Scales: This Canadian Government organization Batch Processes Thousands of Files per Day with OPSWAT

“Once we deployed OPSWAT it just worked,” said [Canadian Government representative]. “It does what it says it does. It is everything we could ask for in a solution.”

This Canadian Government organization provides services that process nearly 4.5 million total transactions a year and are continuing to grow rapidly. With up to 10,000 file uploads processed per day with OPSWAT, half of them get uploaded overnight through a third-party service integration without any degradation in system performance. From a single MetaDefender Core instance to nine, they can easily maintain their own internal change management processes with OPSWAT’s scalable framework. The scalability works not only in production environments but extends to non-production environments which include development, testing, and staging servers.

“We run a lot of our file scanning as a batch process in the morning since a lot of the images are submitted overnight. OPSWAT provides the scalability to scan 50% of the load in the first 15 minutes of the day,” said a Canadian Government representative.

As this client continues to grow, MetaDefender offers a solution that scales with them. The client has seamlessly deployed nine virtual MetaDefender nodes, from its production environment to its testing labs, with little overhead or retooling.

“Once we deployed OPSWAT it just worked,” said [Canadian Government representative]. “It does what it says it does. It is everything we could ask for in a solution.”

Digital Transformation is a Journey – OPSWAT is a Trusted Partner

As a pioneer in digital transformation, this Canadian Government organization continues to innovate.

Recently, they have consolidated many individual IT services offered into a centralized multi-tenant environment. They are now planning to transition from a Windows to a Linux environment where OPSWAT will be able to provide the same level of scanning as they migrate to Linux and ultimately to multi-tenant services. They credit OPSWAT with the flexibility to enable new services, and the ability to free up time to focus on other projects and operational support.

“As an early adopter of OPSWAT, the fact that we continue to rely on this solution and continue to integrate it with leading-edge technologies speaks volumes,” said [Canadian Government representative]. “OPSWAT is a foundational component for service delivery to our customers and clients.”

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