MetaAccess™ Customer Snapshot


Expert Global Solutions (EGS) is the parent company of APAC and NCO, both of which are in the global business process outsourcing industry. APAC offers a variety of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, and NCO specializes in Accounts Receivables Management (ARM). EGS’s products cover all aspects of the consumer lifecycle, providing services for many Fortune 500 companies.

Customer Challenges

As a company with more than 42,000 associates, EGS was presented with a challenge that is encountered by many large companies - how to secure endpoint devices used by remote employees. EGS makes use of Workspace virtualization from RES Software (a form of virtual desktop infrastructure) for remote workers. They needed a way to prevent risky or compromised computers from accessing the virtual workspace. Employee-owned devices, especially when used remotely, are very difficult to monitor and secure. Employers do not want to directly manage these devices, but they are still liable for any breaches they may cause.

With a large remote workforce, EGS needed a solution that would prevent risky, compromised or infected computers from accessing the RES Workspace. They needed this solution to address the addition of new employee devices with continuous monitoring and minimal administrative overhead.

OPSWAT’s Solution

EGS selected OPSWAT's MetaAccess, an endpoint monitoring, management and compliance tool for IT and security professionals, to help them set security policies for employees using remote laptops and desktops. MetaAccess provides visibility to all types of endpoints, displaying the status of installed security applications such as antivirus, firewall, and hard disk encryption, and even offers automatic remediation of risks like outdated antivirus definitions. MetaAccess empowers EGS to set a custom security baseline, allowing them to automatically block non-compliant devices from opening the remote workspace, so that they can reduce the risk of data breach and loss of customers’ financial information.

OPSWAT was able to pull together a solution that met our needs within a short time frame, even making some additional enhancements that allowed us to more easily check device compliance.

K. Scott Engstrom
Enterprise Architect at Expert Global Solutions


With MetaAccess, EGS can ensure that all endpoint devices are properly secured by verifying that employees have installed an antivirus and activated firewall on their device. MetaAccess has also helped EGS’s IT department with troubleshooting issues, as it provides users with remediation instructions if they are not able to connect to the Workspace, helping employees to resolve issues without relying on the IT department. For example, if a remote employee is not compliant, they will receive a popup message describing what they need to fix in order to successfully login.

EGS was pleased with MetaAccess' ability to detect the installation of authentic antivirus engines, its automatic updates, and the tool’s support of their current operating system, Windows 8. Now, whenever a remote employee is brought on, MetaAccess is deployed as part of EGS’s standard software kit.

For more information about MetaAccess, please visit the product page. To evaluate MetaAccess, please sign up for an account on the OPSWAT Portal.