MetaDefender Core Customer Snapshot


Edvation is committed to improving student learning outcomes by providing rigorous and relevant educational solutions to advance teaching and learning for success in the 21st Century. Providing district-wide curriculum, assessment, and professional development solutions, Edvation educators with tools and resources to support the successful integration of technology and 21st Century skills development into standards-based curriculum and classroom practice.

Customer Challenges

Edvation provides a virtual classroom setting to allow teachers and students to share and collaborate on homework projects, presentations, course-related articles, and other educational documents. With files being constantly uploaded and downloaded by students, Edvation became increasingly concerned that a student or instructor could easily upload a malicious file to the system, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and have other students download the infected file and compromise their machines.

Edvation’s chief concern was maintaining a secure platform for their teachers and students, so they needed a solution that could quickly scan each file to ensure that malware was not present before the file was stored on their system. Due to the cost limitations of their primary customers (ranging from small schools to larger school districts), Edvation also required a security solution that would allow them to continue offering their cloud-based management system in a cost-effective manner. The goal was to find a single, scalable solution that could meet all of these needs.

OPSWAT’s Solution

Edvation selected OPSWAT’s Metascan (now MetaDefender) to provide advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities for their virtual classroom setting. By utilizing the Metascan 4 package, all files uploaded to the cloud and downloaded by the user are scanned with four anti-malware engines simultaneously. Metascan increases the assurance that malicious files are quickly identified and blocked before the document is uploaded to the platform.

Edvation was also able to take advantage of Metascan’s auto-updating capabilities, ensuring that each file is scanned with the most up-to-date version of the anti-malware software. Ensuring each anti-malware engine is up-to-date enables the fastest detection of new threats in their virtual classroom environment.

Metascan enables our solution to quickly flag any potential threats uploaded to our virtual classroom setting. By integrating Metascan, we’re able to ensure each file uploaded and downloaded within our network is malware-free, which protects teachers and students from compromising their machines.

Harvey Chen
Senior DBA, Edvation


Key Points

  • Seamless integration process took less than one day.
  • Metascan successfully provided the security necessary for Edvation’s virtual classroom environment.
  • Metascan’s competitive base cost allowed Edvation to maintain low license fees for their customers.

With minimal effort, Edvation was able to integrate the Metascan 4 multi-scanning technology into their platform in less than a day.

In the education industry, reputation is critical to the success of a company, and Edvation believes Metascan has helped them retain their stellar reputation as a secure platform for students and teachers, keeping the virtual classroom environment entirely secure from malicious files.

Metascan’s robust logging capability provides Edvation with a detailed report of all processed files, proving the efficacy of their chosen solution. In the past year, Metascan processed more than 300,000 files uploaded by nearly 400,000 users including students, teachers and administrators. Metascan has also successfully blocked many malicious files from entering the classroom environment.

Metascan’s competitive base cost, which includes required licenses for all built-in anti-malware engines, allowed Edvation to keep costs down for their customers while increasing the security of their platform. By offering a more cost-effective solution, Edvation has become an increasingly attractive product for schools with strict budget constraints.

For more information about Metascan please visit the product page. To learn about integrating the multi-scanning technology within your security infrastructure, please contact us.