OPSWAT's Resources for Cybersecurity
20 Dez. 2022

MetaDefender Kiosk K2100 Datasheet

Learn how MetaDefender Kiosk K2100 combines durable hardware with OPSWAT's industry-leading security software to protect critical systems against uncontrolled media and malware.
Learn how MetaDefender Cloud Email Security supports organizations' transition to the cloud without the need for costly integrations and reconfigurations while taking email security efficiency to an...
6 Dez. 2022

MetaDefender Email Datasheet

Learn how MetaDefender Email Gateway Security advances your security posture and protects your organizations against sophisticated attacks, including zero-day threats and undisclosed vulnerabilities.
16 Nov. 2022

MetaAccess OT Datasheet

In this datasheet, learn the key features and specs for OPSWAT’s industrial-grade secure remote access appliance, MetaAccess OT.
10 Nov. 2022

MetaDefender Cloud Datasheet

Learn how MetaDefender Cloud protects against data breaches and sophisticated cyberattacks with a comprehensive set of threat prevention technologies under one cloud platform.
Learn how NetWall Optical Diode enables secure and reliable data delivery over a hardware enforced one-way optical connection.
3 Aug. 2022

OPSWAT NetWall BSG Datasheet

Learn how NetWall Bilateral Security Gateway (BSG) supports replication of OT Historians, Databases, and applications requiring a data response.
3 Aug. 2022

OPSWAT NetWall USG Datasheet

Learn how NetWall Unidirectional Security Gateway (USG) provides access to real-time OT data and enables secure IT-OT data transfers.
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