AppRemover Module

Remove Non-Complaint and Vulnerable Applications

The Application Removal Module enables your organization to create features that cleanly remove over 2,000 versions of popular applications (of both enterprise and consumer software) without any end user interaction. With it, your organization can silently detect such applications on any endpoint and completely remove them.


Comprehensive Removal

The Application Removal Module detects and removes anti-malware, personal firewall, and anti-phishing programs that conflict with your organization’s security policy, well-known vulnerable applications like Java, Adobe software (like Flash and Acrobat), browsers, and popular office software.

Works Silently without User Interactions

It also detects and removes potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) that can expose sensitive endpoint information without informed consent of the user (like browser toolbars, public filesharing programs, and backup or cloud-sync apps).

Removes Corrupted Applications

It is undeterred even under adverse conditions. The Application Removal Module works when the program password is not known or has been forgotten. It removes applications that the uninstaller has partially removed or requires forced end user interaction. Finally, it removes applications that have stop functioning or could not otherwise be uninstalled because required files or registry settings are missing or corrupted.

Automated Application Cleanup

The Application Removal Module automates the application cleanup process for difficult-to-uninstall applications and provides an easy way to terminate or remove these applications and remove all of their files from any endpoint.

Supported Applications


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