Prevent Keyloggers and advanced malware from accessing sensitive data

The OESIS Framework Anti-Keylogger module prevents malware and keyloggers from accessing keyboard communications by intercepting and encrypting keystrokes.

Anti-Keylogger Demonstration

A short overview of the functionalities of the OESIS Anti-Keylogger

How it works 

  • OESIS Anti-Keylogger Driver intercepts low-level keyboard events 
  • The Driver encrypts the keystrokes and sends the events to the operating system event bus 
  • OESIS Anti-Keylogger Decryption Hook decodes the keystrokes 
  • The Decryption Hook sends the keystrokes to the application 


  • OESIS Anti-Keylogger Driver: handles the encryption of the keystrokes 
  • OESIS Anti-Keylogger Service: ensures the OESIS Anti-Keylogger is started on machine boot and has a graceful shutdown 
  • OESIS Anti-Keylogger Watchdog: oversees the operation of all components 
  • OESIS Anti-Keylogger Decryption Hook: handles the keystroke decryption and passes the decrypted information directly to the application


  • Small footprint (less than 10 MB on disk) 
  • No delay when typing 
  • Overlay solution without configuration changes
  • Prevention technology – supports current and future cyber security risks

Supported Platforms 

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 
  • macOS (coming soon) 


  • C++ libraries 
  • Simple JSON in, JSON out protocol for invoking the functionalities 

Anti-Keylogger Flow Diagram

Understand the flow of sensitive data such as passwords; see the different steps the OESIS Anti-Keylogger takes to ensure protection from malware and keyloggers

Technical Insight - Data Flow Demonstration

Understand the functions, variables, data flow, and different settings that enable or disable key-capture.