OPSWAT Sandbox​

Smarter, Faster Sandbox for Security Analysts

Fast and accurate dynamic analysis of IT and OT-based malware

Invisible by Design

  • Deceives malware into revealing its true malicious nature, intent and capabilities.
  • Virtual environments simulate attacker C2 (Command and Control) server communications for best detection.
  • Built-in and pre-configured profiles for IT and OT environments.

AI-Derived Results

  • Deciphers volumes of data generated from kernel-level monitoring, offering multiple modes of operation.
  • Channels multi-vector observables through AI to quickly derive verdicts and IOCs for investigation and research.
  • Delivers easy-to-interpret analysis results to security teams with unprecedented levels of visibility into malware behaviors.

Making Dynamic Analysis Smarter and Faster

Invisible Agent

Kernel-mode agent supports advanced deception techniques to counter detection and evasion by attackers.

Ultra-Fast Analysis

Derives quick, statistically accurate verdicts in approximately one minute, 3X (three-times) faster than existing contemporary sandboxes.

AI-Derived Results

Accurate conclusions delivered quickly, leveraging a vast collection of behavioral data.

IT and OT Profiles

Critical infrastructure support, including environments associated with ICS networks.

On-Premises & Private Cloud

On-Premises deployments accommodate operations in highly secure environments, yet scalable to private cloud infrastructures.

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Reduce Demands on Cybersecurity Staff

Reduce Analysis Time

Reducing Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) leads to greater throughput and accelerated incident response.

Improve Efficacy & Scale

Analyze evasive malware in about 1 min with AI-derived verdicts, scalable to >100K files per day.

Expand Threat Visibility

Unprecedented levels of visibility into malware behaviors via easy-to-interpret analysis results.

Diagram showing how OPSWAT Sandbox reduces demands on cybersecurity

Decrease Total Costs

Simplify overall security operations with fast and more accurate data from a single solution.

Complete Critical Infrastructure Visibility

Assess risk across both IT and OT environments from a single platform.



Provide a fast and accurate approach to analyzing malware impacting IT and OT environments, providing actionable intelligence to incident responders.



Leverage a trusted source of information about threats and threat actors in order to mitigate harmful events and the associated cyber risk.


SOC Services

Apply managed security services to fill gaps in cyber skills staffing and reduce the costs associated with tooling and ongoing management of these resources.

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Overview of OPSWAT Sandbox Features, Capabilities and Benefits


Getting Started with Smarter, Faster Dynamic Analysis​

EnvironmentOS Profiles
Information Technology (IT)
  • Windows 7-32bit and Windows 10-64bit
SystemMinimum Requirements
OPSWAT Sandbox or OPSWAT CIP Sandbox
(supports up to 6 concurrent sandbox VMs)
  • Hardware
    • CPU: 8-core
    • RAM: 64 GB
    • 500 GB
  • OS: VMWare or XenServer
PerformanceOver 100K files/day
(Supports up to 6 concurrent sandbox VMs per System,

each System supporting 7K files/day)

Start today and make OPSWAT Sandbox your new sandbox.

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