Advanced Threat Detection

Prevent Infected Devices from Accessing Your Cloud Assets

The Threat Detection module in OPSWAT MetaAccess provides an additional layer of anti-malware infection detection capabilities, which may catch malware that standalone anti-malware software on the device has missed or cannot remediate. MetaAccess deploys MetaDefender multiscanning to scan for known and unknown threats and analyzes the local anti-malware threat log to detect repeated infections.

Scan with Multiple Anti-Malware Engines

MetaAccess utilizes MetaDefender Cloud multiscanning to quickly scan a device's running processes and loaded libraries every 24 hours with multiple anti-malware engines to detect malware, potentially unwanted applications (PUA), rogue antivirus applications and key loggers. To see how malware detection rates increase the more engines you use, consult our Package Efficacy Report with live statistics on malware detection rates for the different packaging options.


Monitor Local Anti-Malware Logs for Repeated Threats

MetaAccess helps identify threats that are spreading within your network by analyzing the threat detection log from the anti-malware application installed on the endpoint. In this way, MetaAccess is able to uncover whether there are any persistent threats that the anti-malware application was not able to permanently remove. Having this type of information about repeated threats on endpoints is critical when responding to a serious security breach.