Central Management

Advanced Threat Prevention and Device Security Management Platform

Central Management allows you to track and manage multiple MetaDefender products from one location. From a centralized console, you can perform global operations such as view managed anti-malware engines, manage virus definition and engine updates, and check licensing status.


Single Pane of Glass

Simplifies the management of multiple MetaDefender product instances. From a single management console, you can view and control all your instances, update security policies and settings, manage anti-malware virus definition updates, and monitor the health of your instances in near real-time. Central Management also provides consolidated information, such as a global view of data processed by MetaDefender products and visibility on how MetaDefender products communicate with each other.

Streamlined Update Process

Central Management provides both online and offline update management for MetaDefender product instances. For online environments, all updates can be downloaded from our update servers and remotely distributed to all connected instances automatically without requiring any manual updates.

Monitor Health Status

Central Management monitors the health status of the MetaDefender product instances and assigns a health score to indicate whether a certain MetaDefender product in action may need further attention. This provides an easy way to check and manage the health of MetaDefender product instances and keep the business away from service disruption.

Managing endpoint risks

With OPSWAT Client deployment, Central Management provides visibility to all corporate and BYOD endpoints. Complete hardware, operating system, and application inventory are readily accessible on Central Management. Compliance policies can be defined, adjusted, and enforced based on continuously updated threat, vulnerability, and mitigation status on individual or groups of endpoints. Network connections, hosted application access, and file transfers with peripheral devices can be cut off for non-compliant endpoints.

Features and Benefits

Inventory at a Glance

Your entire fleet of MetaDefender instances and SafeConnect NAC at a glance on a single page.

- Monitor & Manage using a single product

Management at scale

Group your MetaDefender instances by types, geo-locations, or business units. Apply flexible policy, settings, and workflows to different groups.

- Flexible viewpoints to ensure you see it your way

MetaDefender Dashboards

Aggregate events across the globe. Visualize file processing history by instance, group, or globally with a customizable time window. Watch real-time threats events and statistics to your critical infrastructure. Analyze threat trends over time.

- Multiple Dashboards to deliver actionable insight

Centralized AV engine update

For online environments, all antivirus engine updates and definitions are downloaded directly from the OPSWAT's update servers and applied automatically. For offline environments, updates can be downloaded using OPSWAT’s Update Downloader utility and then transferred to Central Management for automatic distribution among the different MetaDefender API installations.

- Control engines updating across both online and offline deployments

End-point security policy compliance

Flexible policies for different device groups. Non-intrusive on-demand agent for BYOD devices enabling no-friction security compliance for employees working from home.

- Reduce BYOD management friction for WFH employees and contractors