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File sharing platforms offer unprecedented ease and control over data moving inside and outside of your on-prem, cloud and hybrid environments.

However, these new technologies also open several new threat vectors: zero-day malware hidden within a file’s metadata, emerging threats buried in compressed files, or the risk of exposing sensitive information inadvertently. These threats can spread quickly and expose confidential information or allow attackers to expand their reach within your environment to access other resources.

MetaDefender ICAP Server + GoAnywhere MFT Joint Solution

OPSWAT and HelpSystems combine to offer a simplified integration between MetaDefender ICAP Server and GoAnywhere MFT. The robust joint solution helps secure managed file transfers and protect the data of your company, your employees, and your partners.


HelpSystems GoAnywhere MFT

GoAnywhere MFT is a secure managed file transfer solution that streamlines the exchange of data between systems, employees, customers, and trading partners. It provides centralized control with extensive security settings, detailed audit trails, and helps process information from files into XML, EDI, CSV, and JSON databases.

GoAnywhere, a HelpSystems solution is a centralized, enterprise-level solution that simplifies, secures, and automates critical file transfers. Using industry-standard protocols and technologies for encryption (e.g. OpenPGP, SFTP, HTTPS), GoAnywhere MFT helps users, partners, and organizations secure end-to-end data integration and movement.

OPSWAT MetaDefender ICAP Server

OPSWAT MetaDefender ICAP Server offers a solution to help secure the critical data transfers in GoAnywhere MFT and prevent the spread of known and unknown malware.

MetaDefender ICAP Server is used alongside MetaDefender Core to scan files for malware with 30+ leading anti-malware engines, sanitize active content with our proprietary Deep CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) technology, and maintain regulatory compliance with Proactive DLP (Data Loss Prevention).


Key Benefits

  • Analyze all file content that moves through the MFT upon upload, download, or at rest
  • Sanitize suspicious files and archives using Deep CDR to remove any potentially malicious object, without impacting file integrity or functionality
  • Achieve close to 100% threat detection rate with Multiscanning (using heuristics, AI/ML, signatures, etc.) to prevent known, unknown, and targeted threats
  • Redact sensitive data and file metadata moving through your network using Proactive DLP to prevent leakage of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and other sensitive information
  • Multi-level archive extraction for better malware detection rates and protection against archive bombs 
  • File-Based Vulnerability Assessment to detect vulnerabilities in applications, software components, product installers, firmware packages, and binary files before they are installed.
  • File type verification to protect your organization from spoofing attacks

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    OPSWAT is a global leader in critical infrastructure cybersecurity that helps protect the world’s mission-critical organizations from malware and zero-day attacks. OPSWAT partners with world-leading technology companies to secure entire data workflows and provide faster, more reliable deployments. Joint customers benefit from a certified integration that secures full interoperability for entire product suites.