OPSWAT and Fox-IT have partnered to offer a joint cross-domain solution reconciling the seemingly contradictory requirements of high assurance and free flow of information. Its guaranteed one-way network connectivity makes sure you can securely and smoothly transfer information in real-time, 24×7.

The Fox-IT DataDiode can be combined with Metadefender and Kiosk to ensure that malware free data enters sensitive networks. The products can also be combined with Vault for secure file storage and retrieval. Finally automatic patch management of isolated networks is enabled by combing Metadefender with 35+ or more anti-malware engines. Meaning immediate and safe access to the latest external intelligence from within your protected and secured environment. While taking into account the rules and regulations for handling secret information.

Joint Solution Components

Sometimes, more is needed than network segregation only. Besides the network flow integrity, the very data itself can be a cause of concern. Which fuels the need for additional measures to ensure that the data is not accidentally carrying any unwanted payloads. Even if it’s just to ensure that it conforms to accepted formats. The combination of the DataDiode and OPSWAT solutions provides that full peace of mind, confidently knowing that both the data and network traffic are properly secured to the highest level.

Jan Benedictus
Product Manager, Fox-IT


By deploying the OPSWAT MetaDefender integrated with the Fox-IT DataDiode, you will be able to:

  • Protect confidential information, IP and assets
  • Easy information assurance system accreditation due to as NATO TOP SECRET and Common Criteria EAL7+
  • Protect against malware and zero-day threats with MetaDefender Deep CDR and antimalware multiscanning
  • Check binaries for vulnerabilities
  • Verify file types
  • Extract archives for better malware detection rates and protection against archive bombs

About Partner

Fox-IT prevents, researches and limits the most serious threats from cyber-attacks, data leaks or fraud, with innovative solutions for governments, defense, police, critical infrastructures, banks and major corporations worldwide. In its approach the company combines smart ideas with technology to offer innovative solutions ensuring a secure society. It develops products and tailor-made solutions to guarantee the security of sensitive government systems, to protect industrial networks, to defend online banking systems and to secure highly confidential data.