Cyber Observer + OPSWAT

OPSWAT and Cyber Observer have partnered together to increase visibility into client networks. Together this power mechanism can quantify, enrich and analyze current client cybersecurity posture and maturity. Each security domain status is monitored continuously with on-demand ability to investigate suspicious incidents. OPSWAT’s threat intelligence community and Cyber Observer’s critical security controls are leveraged for a dynamic picture of what is occurring in the network. CISOs and IT management are empowered to make educated decisions about malicious threats found on endpoints and on gateways.

Not only does the combination of threat prevention and increased information form a winning combination but also together greater visibility is presented to a CISO and empowers greater knowledge of what is occurring in the network.

David Lettvin
Director of Global Partners

About Partner

Cyber Observer ltd. develops and markets Cyber Security architecture management tools. Cyber Observer’s team specializes in providing corporate officers with comprehensive, visual, real-time performance overview, critical security control (CSC) analysis.