Bulwarx + OPSWAT

OPSWAT and Bulwarx provide IT administrators with a powerful and secure IT automation and orchestration solution. Bulwarx, a leading system integrator in Israel, collaborated with OPSWAT to create a secure system orchestrator to prevent malicious files from being deposited into CyberArk Vaults. System administrators can significantly reduce the chance of a data breach by leveraging the integration of Bulwarx Connector and MetaDefender.

The joint solution provides automated protection against targeted and zero-day attacks by scanning all file transfers with MetaDefender's multiple deep content disarm and reconstruction (Deep CDR), vulnerability, and anti-malware engines. Without the integration, malicious files could enter the CyberArk Vault, compromising the data safe. MetaDefender prevents infection by filtering, scanning, and sanitizing all files as they enter the CyberArk Vault.

Yoav Melamed

Chief Technology Officer

Discusses the benefits of partnering with OPSWAT

Joint Solution Components


  • Prevent zero-day and targeted attacks using over 35+ anti-malware engines, heuristic analysis, deep content disarm and reconstruction, and vulnerability engines
  • Improve compliance with federal data security regulations, including FISMA, NIST SP 800-53, NERC CIP, and policies set by CNIL and BDSG
  • Secure data safes by scanning large file batches as enter a safe with MetaDefender's automated workflows
  • Improve overall network security with granular data safe permissions, including user-based access and file-type extraction policies
  • Improve network performance by utilizing Bulwarx's native DCA plugin to leverage multithreaded architectures for processing files

Our first goal was to build CyberArk Connector. This was a little bit complicated, because our customer requirements for CyberArk integration were very good performance, but also very good security. Using MetaDefender technology, we achieved...those two [goals]. We are proud to say that we have a very good integration with CyberArk...based on our knowledge of MetaDefender.

Yoav Melamed
Chief Technology Officer

Additional Benefits

By deploying MetaDefender with Bulwarx solutions, you will be able to leverage all threat detection and prevention functionalities available in our product:

About Partner

Bulwarx Ltd., founded in 2013, is an independent and innovative force in the Israeli cyber security market. Bulwarx is striving to serve as a knowledge center in the cyber security field by developing expertise in the application of leading technological solutions against cyber attacks, providing a comprehensive service which assists in dealing with cyber threats, and providing a fast response to cyber attacks. One of Bulwarx's greatest strengths is proficiency in leveraging the capabilities and flexibility of existing solutions by integrating third-party solutions with existing or new implementations.

About Product

By combining CyberArk secure file-exchange and OPSWAT MetaDefender using the Bulwarx connector, you can greatly reduce the risk of malicious files entering your organization.

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