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Video: Getting Started with Metascan and Proxy SG

Detecting and preventing advanced threats from entering your organization's network requires scanning network traffic. By establishing a proxy server and scanning all traffic going in and out of your network with an advanced anti-malware solution, your organization can significantly eliminate openings for malware infection.

When proxy servers are combined with products to scan email and portable media, like we have with Blue Coat's Proxy SG and the Metascan ICAP server, administrators can ensure that every file entering their organization has been scanned by multiple anti-malware engines.

Watch the video to learn how to configure Metascan with your proxy server:

Click to play video

Metascan Proxy Integration:

  • Compatible with all web proxy servers, especially Squid & Blue Coat
  • Compatible with all Reverse proxy Servers, especially F5

Learn more about detecting and preventing advanced threats with Metascan Proxy Integration, or contact OPSWAT Support with any configuration or compatibility questions.

For more information, please contact one of our cybersecurity experts.

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