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How the Energy Sector Can Power-Up Portable Media Security

November 04, 2022
The energy sector frequently reports some of the highest rates of cyber incidents because of its critical nature, with portable media presenting security...

How to Improve Portable Media Security Within Your Organization

February 15, 2022 by Matt Wiseman
Critical digital assets are often isolated from external networks, leading portable media to become a primary vector for cyberattacks. This type of media...

Security Days Spring 2019 Tokyo

February 02, 2019
OPSWAT Japan Co., Ltd. will be participating in Security Days Spring 2019 Tokyo at JP Tower Hall & Conference on March 6th to 8th, with Net One Partners Co.,...

MetaAccess Release Adds Protection from Endpoint Portable Media Threats

December 29, 2018 by Yiyi Miao
MetaAccess® prevents risky devices from accessing applications in the cloud or on-premises. The product performs endpoint security, compliance checks, and...

MetaDefender Vault v1.2.9 Release

December 28, 2018 by Frank Dye
MetaDefender Vault is a secure data workflow solution that enables the transfer of safe files into and out of isolated and air-gapped networks. MetaDefender...

MetaDefender Kiosk 4.2.10 Release

December 13, 2018 by Frank Dye
OPSWAT MetaDefender Kiosk is a checkpoint for detecting and stopping security threats before they enter an isolated network. The Kiosk can be deployed at...

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