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Data Privacy Week 2022: Mitigating Threats with Proactive DLP from OPSWAT

January 28, 2022
Data Privacy Week originated as an extension of Data Protection Day in Europe and is promoted every year through the National Cybersecurity Alliance. The...

Proactive DLP - Advanced Detection Policy is Now Available

January 14, 2022
At OPSWAT, we are continuously enhancing Proactive DLP (Data Loss Prevention) features and policy configurations to better meet our customers’ diverse needs...

Don’t Trust What You See

October 18, 2021 by Vinh Lam, Senior Technical Program Manager
“Appearances can be deceptive,” the adage goes. The same notion applies to digital content, where people with malicious intent can trick our eyes into...

10 Best Practices to Secure your Enterprise Data Storage

March 24, 2021 by Nav Gill
To facilitate collaboration and instant access to shared files for a global workforce, organizations are increasingly adopting storage solutions from AWS S3,...

Defending Against COVID-19 Related Cyberattacks

April 02, 2020
In difficult times, when the world experiences major disruptions like a pandemic, people become irrational, at many times acting out of fear rather than their...

OPSWAT Releases MetaDefender Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

October 08, 2018
We are pleased to announce that our MetaDefender Advanced Threat Prevention platform now offers data loss prevention (DLP) to help organizations protect PII...

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