Securing the North American Power Grid at GridSecCon 2017

GridSecCon 2017 Booths

OPSWAT participated in NERC's Grid Security Conference (GridSecCon) in Saint Paul, Minnesota last week. The conference focuses on physical and cyber security issues that are relevant to the North American electrical industry.

Protecting critical infrastructure is of paramount importance, especially given recent news. GridSecCon is an opportunity for members of the energy industry to be trained in security best practices and the latest developments in security technology. Several hundred people attended this year.

Tony Berning OPSWAT Booth MetaDefender Kiosk GridSecCon 2017

OPSWAT Senior Product Manager Tony Berning with MetaDefender Kiosk (left)

Physical security and cyber security are both crucial for nuclear facilities and power plants, although cyber security is growing in importance. To prevent threats that are concealed within portable media such as USB drives, CDs, and SD cards hundreds of MetaDefender Kiosk systems are deployed by North American utilities.

MetaDefender Kiosk scans portable media for threats with up to or, in some packages, more than 35+ anti-malware engines. MetaDefender Kiosk can also use data sanitization (CDR) to remove threats from potentially malicious files; click here to see a demo of MetaDefender Kiosk doing just that.

GridSecCon 2017 was a great event, and Tony's already excited for the 2018 edition of the annual conference.

Tony Berning Conference Thumbs Up

"See YOU at GridSecCon 2018"

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