Protecting Critical Networks: Power Grid

A recent article talks about the continued targeting of the U.S. power grid by Russia-linked hacking groups, specifically by “TEMP.Isotope.” While the U.S. critical infrastructure continues to improve its cyber defenses, some of the power distribution entities still lack adequate resources and are becoming increasingly attractive targets of persistent probing by state sponsored hackers.

It is important that all systems connected to critical infrastructure upgrade their cyber security defenses. Critical networks need to be isolated and secured, and all entry points need to be adequately protected. It is especially important to control removable media entry points to isolated networks. Often, if the only way to patch a protected system is via a USB drive for example, the organization may feel that it is adequately protected. However, attacks executed via removable media can still occur, so a secure data workflow process needs to be implemented.

This is best done through installing removable media checkpoints, such as OPSWAT MetaDefender Kiosk in combination with secure file storage such as OPSWAT Vault. These products are supported by advanced threat prevention technologies including data sanitization that can disarm all potentially dangerous content.

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