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Policy Patrol MFT Offers Multi Antivirus Scanning With Metascan

We're excited to announce a further addition to our partnership with Red Earth Software: Policy Patrol MFT, a Managed File Transfer solution for sending large and confidential files instantly and securely, now integrates with Metascan in order to scan files for malware before they are uploaded to the Policy Patrol MFT portal.

Red Earth Software

Red Earth's Policy Patrol MFT allows users to send and receive files of up to 20 GB via a portal, as well as receive files via an upload form on the company website. Because external users can upload or send files via Policy Patrol MFT that are then accessed within a company's network, it is important to ensure that all files are free from any malware before they are stored in the Policy Patrol MFT portal. By adding Metascan to scan incoming files with multiple anti-malware engines (between 4 and 30), administrators can now get a high assurance that files are not malicious, benefiting from increased malware detection rates and faster protection against new threats. When a file is found to be infected, the file can be deleted and the Administrator or sender can be notified.

Policy Patrol MFT also includes an Exchange Server Plugin that allows companies to set central email attachment policies that automatically send email attachments that meet specified conditions via secure file transfer, removing the email attachment and replacing it with a secure download link. This ensures that large attachments are not blocked by mail servers, and confidential files can be sent securely without requiring the user to change the way they work. The new integration to Metascan also allows these files to be scanned for malware with multiple engines.

To read more about Policy Patrol MFT, visit the Red Earth Software website. A 30-day evaluation version of Policy Patrol MFT is also available from the Policy Patrol website.

For more information, please contact one of our cybersecurity experts.

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