OPSWAT Expands Vietnam Presence, Opens First Critical Infrastructure Protection Lab in Asia. Read More

OPSWAT Update – September 2022

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OPSWAT Launches Neuralyzer, A New AI-Powered Product for Industrial Asset and OT Network Visibility to Enhance Critical Infrastructure Protection

This month, OPSWAT launched its Neuralyzer, a new neural network cybersecurity product that enables OT personnel to protect their critical environments and supply chain through asset discovery, inventory management, network visibility, and vulnerability and risk management. Read More

Dark Reading: How Machine Learning Can Boost Network Visibility for OT Teams

Pete Lund, OPSWAT VP of Products – OT Security, is featured in Dark Reading on how OPSWAT Neuralyzer uses AI to learn the communication patterns between assets and networks to determine what "normal" activity is. This enables OT workers to remain focused on the primary tasks at hand and only alerted when abnormal activity occurs. Read More

Check out our recent global and media coverage highlights at OPSWAT in the News and Press Releases to see how we are continuing our commitment to protect the world’s critical infrastructure.

OPSWAT Academy Cybersecurity Training Updates

A common question we see from our new students is: “Who is the OPSWAT Academy for?”

To put it simply, our goal is to improve cybersecurity for critical infrastructure facilities around the world. This involves not only the deployment of our products but also sharing knowledge on effective cyber defense strategies. Therefore, we strive to provide opportunities for those who are interested in this industry to have access to the necessary tools. That is the primary reason OPSWAT Academy was founded. 

Thus, OPSWAT Academy Certifications come in two flavors: Associate and Professional. 

Associate Certification courses and exams are completely free. We welcome anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity in the critical infrastructure space and earn certificates to show off their prowess! 

Professional OPSWAT Product Certification courses require a fee and provide basic to advanced material on a specific OPSWAT product. These Professional courses are tailored to the IT administrators using our products. 

Register for OPSWAT Academy at no cost today or check out our OPSWAT Academy social media pages and join the OPSWAT Academy Community!

OPSWAT Product Spotlight

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Critical Infrastructure Resources

How We Test Unidirectional Gateways

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How Proper Cybersecurity Planning Enables Efficient Operations

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As a leader in critical infrastructure protection, OPSWAT brings innovative technologies and products to your existing security portfolio. Our solutions are available through our exclusive community of distributors and resellers across the globe. To locate a distributor or reseller in your region please visit our reseller locator.

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