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OPSWAT Update - September 2020

September was an exciting month at OPSWAT with the introduction of several new products and resources. A few highlights are summarized below:

OPSWAT Product Spotlight

We recently introduced several new / updated products to address top cyber security challenges, including:

MetaDefender Core

We are excited to announce the release of MetaDefender Core v4.19.0, which enhances the speed, scalability and security of the data managed by MetaDefender Core. This upgrade brings several enhancements: (i) improved security and authentication by using PostgreSQL native support for encryption and user management; (ii) enhanced concurrency with full parallelism in client-side code; (iii) improved scalability by accommodating any volume of scan data. Due to the multi-row approach to data storage, it offers a flexible framework for high-demand deployments. Also, the processing performance is significantly enhanced (50%). See our tests page for details.

You can schedule a demo by contacting us.

OPSWAT Academy

Securing data flow is fundamental to any organization. OPSWAT Academy launched a new course called Secure Data Workflow Professional. This course is designed for Administrators who want to get the most out of their OPSWAT Secure Data Workflow ecosystem. It covers advanced concepts such as the Purdue Model and areas of vulnerability, as well as advanced workflow management techniques for cross-domain security.

Sign up to earn your OPSWAT Certificated Secure Data Workflow Professional (OCSDWP) certificate!

OPSWAT Community Forum

Since the launch of our Community Forum we have had hundreds of posts from our customers, partners, and employees. We want to thank everyone that has participated in establishing our community. Please continue to interact directly with your peers and the OPSWAT team to ask questions, get answers, share ideas, and participate in interesting discussions.

Check it out for yourself at OPSWAT Community Forum.

Critical Infrastructure Protection Resources

OPSWAT offers a wide range of educational resources to help you expand your knowledge of cybersecurity trends and best practices. A few recent additions include:

The Evolution of Critical Infrastructure Protection Guide

With the proliferation of zero-day attacks and the rapid expansion of the attack surface, to say Critical Infrastructure Protection cybersecurity professionals are extraordinarily busy is an understatement. To help prioritize workloads and mitigate backlogs, both current and prospective workers must be conversant with the responsibilities and technical proficiencies most applicable to critical infrastructure environments. OPSWAT has published a guide to the key technologies required to provide critical infrastructure protection.

Access the Guide here.

Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) Guide

The risk of breaches such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) and Man in the Middle (MITM) attacks continues to rise. As workers access applications and data from anywhere, learn how SDP addresses these issues, is easily implemented, and provides a better user experience than traditional approaches such as a VPN. This guide was written to help you understand SDP principals, learn about how the SDP architecture works, and understand the best practices using OPSWAT MetaAccess.

Access the guide here.

Regulatory Compliance Guide for Secure Access

Meeting your organizations own security policies and external regulatory compliance requirements can be both confusing and difficult, especially with the Defense in Depth strategies in place today. Evaluating how secure access solutions address compliance requirements and assessing gaps is critical to minimizing organization risk. This guide will help you better understand key regulatory compliance regulations and how OPSWAT helps address and meet these requirements.

Access the guide here.

OPSWAT Receives ISO 27001 Certification

OPSWAT is excited to announce that we have achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (ISO 27001) certification. An independent examination of the OPSWAT Information Security Management System (ISMS), that covers the OPSWAT MetaDefender and MetaAccess services, by Schellman & Company, LLC confirmed our commitment to security and regulatory compliance as part of the certification evaluation. The details of our ISMS certification are publicly available at the ISO Certificate Directory where you can view the OPSWAT certificate.

For more information read our blog OPSWAT Achieves ISO 27001 Certification.

Channel Partner Program

We had our August Channel Partner Update meeting two weeks ago. If you missed the meeting or would like to sign up for our October 15th meeting please visit the program page of our Channel Partner Portal.

If you are an MSP, VAR or cybersecurity reseller and want to expand your solutions to include OPSWAT, read about the OPSWAT channel program.

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