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OPSWAT Update - August 2020

August was an exciting month at OPSWAT with the introduction of several new products and resources. A few highlights are summarized below:

OPSWAT Product Spotlight

We recently introduced several new / updated products to address top cyber security challenges, including:

OESIS Framework

The OESIS Framework is a cross-platform, versatile and modular framework that enables software engineers and technology vendors to build advanced endpoint security products. This month we have added support for 24 new window applications and four macOS applications. Some of the applications include antivirus engines like Carbon Black Defense, Kaspersky, and McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac 10.7.0, as well as internet browsers like Microsoft Edge 84.0.522.44.

You can learn about the new supported applications in the OESIS Support Charts or check out the OESIS Framework Release blog post. You can also schedule a demo by contacting us.


OPSWAT Client helps hundreds of organizations gain visibility to end user devices for compliance and security status. This month, the OPSWAT Client was re-engineered with an addition of a brand-new user interface that greatly simplifies the user experience for detecting endpoint vulnerability and patch management into a two-step process! Step one is Detect. You are now able to view all of your applications at a single glance, with grid and list view options. This new UI also lets you see which apps are flagged as outdated and if there is a patch available. Step two is Remediate. Update outdated applications via a click of a button, wait a few moments, and the client will do the work. Pair with MetaAccess to check the status of desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones for misconfigured security applications, encryption, unauthorized USB usages, and so much more.

You can learn more in the Protect Your Endpoint with OPSWAT Client blog post.

You can try all of our free offerings by visiting free tools.

MetaDefender Cloud Licensing Options

MetaDefender Cloud comes in three different versions: Free, Commercial and Enterprise. The first two options are cloud-based SaaS products designed for users and organizations in need of enhanced security in online environments. For enterprise organizations we offer an on-premises solution, fully customizable, with support for air-gapped environments. Licensing comes in different tiers dedicated to precise needs. The tiers come with flexible limits and can be combined to offer flexibility and competitive prices.

To compare packages, visit MetaDefender Cloud Licensing.

Critical Infrastructure Resources

OPSWAT offers a wide range of educational resources to help you expand your knowledge of cybersecurity trends and best practices. A few recent additions include:

Net One Partners Video Testimonial

OPSWAT and Net One Partners have been strategic partners defending critical infrastructure since 2017. Together our partnership allows Japan and other APAC countries to benefit from market-leading cyber security products with comprehensive support. This month, Takuya Tanaka, CEO at Net One Partners, released a video testimonial speaking about the benefits and success that we have shared over multiple years. The feeling is mutual as noted by Benny Czarny, Founder and CEO at OPSWAT - "We are very excited and honored to be collaborating with Net One Partners. Net One Partners has a superior reputation for delivering the best solutions and services for both partners and customers. Their experience and breadth of offerings enable the flexibility needed to address a complex threat landscape."

File Upload Security Resource Kit

File upload security is a hot topic in cyber security. How do you secure files from unknown sources? How can you check the true contents of an upload? OPSWAT has developed a sound methodology for scanning content inside of a file and has created a kit which includes three informative assets that help explain best practices for safely managing file uploads.

To get access to this kit please visit: new kit.

Deep CDR Report

Data sanitization, also known as Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), is an advanced threat prevention technology that does not rely on detection. Instead, it assumes all files are malicious and sanitizes and rebuilds each file ensuring full usability with safe content. OPSWAT has introduced the Deep CDR Report where we highlight the sanitization of live trojans, ransomware, exploits, etc. This is a great tool to view the intelligent security features of Deep CDR.

To learn more, view the full report.

OPSWAT Products Now Available on GSA Schedule

OPSWAT products are now available on the GSA Multiple Award Schedule. Government organizations can deploy OPSWAT to provide high levels of security to their on-premises and cloud deployments. Sample use cases include files uploaded via web portals, portable media brought into secure areas, and devices accessing critical networks.

Contact us to learn more information about OPSWAT products and the GSA.

Channel Partner Program

We held our Channel Update Meeting last week; a copy of the recording can be found in the Partner Portal. We have another meeting September 17th, 2020 which all of our partners are invited to. Additionally, OPSWAT Academy launched a new set of training courses specially dedicated to our Channel

Partners. The training is for both sales and sales engineers and helps educate the channel on OPSWAT products as well as meet program tier requirements. If you are an MSP, VAR or cybersecurity reseller and want to expand your solutions to include OPSWAT, read about the OPSWAT channel program.

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