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OPSWAT to Add Three New Avira Technologies to OPSWAT MetaDefender Cloud

OPSWAT and Avira have announced that they will expand their partnership to incorporate three Avira technologies into OPSWAT MetaDefender Cloud: the Avira anti-malware engine, File Reputation and Web Reputation services. These technologies will help strengthen MetaDefender Cloud, which provides enterprises with comprehensive APIs to implement advanced threat detection and prevention technologies to OPSWAT’s email, file transfer and other collaboration tools.

Avira’s anti-malware engine, file reputation service, and web reputation service will enhance the following MetaDefender Cloud offerings:

  • Analysis API – provides access to and reports from the OPSWAT Sandbox dynamic analysis technology

Files uploaded by customers to MetaDefender Cloud using Prevention API will now be scanned by the Avira anti-malware engine, in addition to anti-malware engines from 23 other anti-malware vendors. The MetaDefender Cloud Reputation API offering will also be enriched by having access to Avira File and Web Reputation databases.

MetaDefender Cloud is available to enterprises globally.

For more information, please contact one of our cybersecurity experts.

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