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OPSWAT Solutions now available in VMware Marketplace

As a leading provider of security solutions protecting the world’s most critical infrastructure, OPSWAT has built a network of technology partnerships and integrations that are important to our customers. We have had a technology partnership with VMware for many years and are pleased to announce today that this partnership has been extended with offerings published in the VMware Marketplace.

Every file and every device poses a potential threat. Our zero-trust philosophy tackles this problem in two significant ways: “Trust No Device” with MetaAccess for VMware VDI solutions, and “Trust No File” with MetaDefender ICAP Server. OPSWAT Critical Infrastructure Protection Solutions address a wide range of cybersecurity use cases and are easily implemented with your VMware virtual infrastructure.

OPSWAT MetaAccess has a native integration with VMware Horizon Unified Access Gateway (UAG) that allows devices to connect to the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution only if the devices are compliant with your organization’s security policies. Otherwise, the user will be prompted with remediation steps to gain access. As you can see listed here, the capabilities go well beyond a basic compliance check.

  • Compliance - Provide status of installed security applications such as AV, OS, hard disk encryption and more
  • Vulnerability and Patch Management - Detect vulnerabilities on endpoints for installed applications and operating systems
  • Unwanted Applications - Detect and block or remove non-compliant or unwanted applications
  • Advanced Threat Detection - Uses advanced threat detection to identify potential threats not detected by existing anti-malware software
  • Removable Media Protection - Protect against threats from portable media on the endpoints,
  • Anti-Key Logger - Protects against keylogger attack by encrypting base keystrokes
  • Screen Capture Protection - Disables Print Screen, Snipping Tools and Recording for specified applications

MetaAccess - VMWare Horizon / UAG Integration

VMware’s recommended approach to secure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

OPSWAT MetaDefender ICAP Server can seamlessly integrate with VMware Avi Vantage or any ICAP enabled network appliance. Any content routed through the ICAP interface will be scanned and processed before entering your network and reaching end users. The ICAP server provides the following advantages to make it easy for you to protect your network from malware and sensitive data loss:

  • Simple Integration – Plug-and-Play integration with any ICAP enabled devices
  • File Uploads - Protection from malicious file uploads at the gateway of your network
  • Threat Detection - Real-time comprehensive threat detection and prevention for your network
  • Zero-Day Threats - Protection against zero-day and advanced targeted attacks
  • Vulnerabilities - Detect file-based vulnerabilities before they are installed
  • Data Protection - No more sensitive data entering or leaving your organization without your discretion
  • Flexible Implementation - Custom policies, workflow and analysis rules to meet your unique security needs

MetaDefender ICAP Server - VMWare AVi Vantage Integration

Enables any content and data to be scanned prior to access

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