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OPSWAT Releases Updated and Expanded OESIS Support Charts

OPSWAT Gold Badge

Want to see which anti-malware, patch management, or encryption applications are certified by OPSWAT at a glance? We're happy to announce we've just made that possible in our OESIS Compliance Module and Detection & Classification support charts.

We're very excited about our OPSWAT Security Certified Application Program, which we use to certify endpoint security applications for quality in a number of categories. All certified vendors receive badges to showcase that their applications are powerful, reliable, and efficient. We look for three main things:

  1. Compatibility
  2. Quality
  3. False positive responsiveness

We recently updated our OESIS support charts, which show whether or not anti-malware, encryption, and patch management applications offer a number of key features and functionalities.

In order to make it easier to find the applications that are OPSWAT certified, we've just added a column showing the OPSWAT certification status — Gold, Silver, Bronze, or none — to these charts.

<span class=OESIS Support Chart" src="https://static.opswat.com/uploads/google-cloud/images/blog/certification-chart-screenshot-blog-small.png">

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The updated charts can be seen here and here.

OPSWAT's certification is a mark that a product is trustworthy, reliable, and effective. If you'd like to get your product certified, you can submit your product here.

We provide certification in each of the following categories:

  • Patch Management
  • Anti-malware
  • Encryption

We give products that are submitted to us a gold, silver, or bronze badge for each of these categories.

Visit this page to learn more about our certification program, and this page to view the certification criteria.

And remember, before you select an anti-malware engine to use for your organization, look for the OPSWAT gold certified badge for compatibility, false positive responsiveness, and quality.

For more information, please contact one of our cybersecurity experts.

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