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OPSWAT Releases Free Gears Application for Device Security and Advanced Threat Detection

OPSWAT today announced the official release of the Gears application. This free software helps users identify if their computer is at risk or compromisehttd, by providing greater visibility into the status of installed security applications and alerting them to potential advanced threats. The release of this new application extends the capabilities of the Gears cloud-based network security management platform to individual users and computers.

Gears allows home users and IT professionals to easily monitor the current state of their device and improve overall device security. Users can monitor their installed security applications and their status, including antivirus, firewall and hard disk encryption. Gears also alerts users to potential threats present on their machine that the installed anti-malware software didn’t detect or couldn’t remediate.

The Gears download

Using two methods of advanced threat detection, Gears is able to provide a unique take on whether a device is compromised. The application, powered by OPSWAT’s Metascan Online service, scans the device with up to 40 commercial anti-malware engines and identifies threats that may not have been detected by the user’s installed anti-malware software. In addition, by utilizing enhanced pattern matching capabilities, Gears researches the history of threats detected by the installed anti-malware software to determine which threats are occurring repeatedly. By thoroughly examining the threat detection logs, Gears enables users to be notified of persistent threats on their computer.

“We’re incredibly excited to officially release the application version of Gears,” said Tom Mullen, Vice President of Business Development at OPSWAT. “Downloading the free Gears application offers home users and IT professionals a quick and easy way to monitor and improve the security of their computer.”

Also included in the free tool is Session Shield, a feature that allows users to securely access their data while browsing. Users can launch a secure session through Gears to privately and anonymously browse the Internet, and all activities and downloads during the session will be erased when the session is closed. This helps users securely access PII such as bank records or customer details while ensuring no confidential data will be leaked.

For users with multiple devices to manage, the Gears application can be connected to the Gears cloud management dashboard. This allows both home network owners and IT administrators to easily monitor and manage multiple devices from any browser. By creating an account and managing devices from the cloud, users are also able to take advantage of additional features and configuration options.

To download the Gears application, please visit http://www.opswatgears.com/download. To learn more about the Gears platform, please visit http://www.opswatgears.com/.

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