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OPSWAT Partners with SE Labs to Enhance Certified Security Application Program

OPSWAT and SE Labs announced they will partner to assess the compatibility and overall quality of endpoint cyber security applications. This OPSWAT-SE Labs partnership ensures that OPSWAT-certified applications will conform to the highest standard of quality.

A multitude of anti-malware solutions are available, which makes it difficult for users to choose the most effective ones, and difficult for IT administrators to establish basic endpoint compliance standards within BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments. To meet this need and bring clarity to the security application marketplace, OPSWAT's Certified Security Application Program tests anti-malware software to determine which applications are of the highest quality. Only software that meets OPSWAT and SE Labs' high standards will receive OPSWAT's Gold, Silver, or Bronze certification.

SE Labs sets and applies objective criteria for measuring product compliance and performance reliability of computer systems and mobile devices. SE Labs tests products that are designed to protect endpoint detection response (EDR) applications, antivirus solutions, and cloud-based services. Security applications that meet both SE Labs' and OPSWAT's testing criteria will be listed as OPSWAT Gold Certified security applications.

OPSWAT is an industry leader in security software and solutions. OPSWAT's Certified Security Application Program was first developed in 2007 after gathering compatibility requirements from over 50 OPSWAT OEM customers, including leading solutions from vendors like Cisco, Citrix, and SonicWall. The program now supports over 1,000 applications from hundreds of anti-malware engines.

Simon Edwards, Director of SE Labs, commented, "We are very pleased to collaborate with OPSWAT's well-known certification program. As the world's leading independent lab, specializing in testing advanced threat protection, our tests are very challenging. OPSWAT's high level of engagement with IT administrators, combined with our realistic, intelligence-based testing, now provides businesses with incredibly rich, useful information about which security products are the most suitable for them."

Taeil Goh, CTO at OPSWAT, said, "Partnering with SE Labs brings more value to our Certified Security Application Program. This is not only because of the accurate and relevant testing, but also because of the innovative and in-depth way each security product is processed within SE Labs."

SE Labs encourages all anti-malware, encryption, and patch management vendors to learn more about the enhanced program, and to submit their latest versions for certification prior to public release. OPSWAT highly recommends all system administrators check OPSWAT's list of certified security applications before making a purchase decision.


OPSWAT is a San Francisco-based cyber security software company that provides solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure. Founded in 2002, OPSWAT has delivered solutions and technologies that protect organizations from threats and secure digital data for over a decade. OPSWAT combines next-generation Content Disarm and Reconstruction technology, its cutting-edge Vulnerability Engine, and multi-scanning with over 35+ anti-malware engines in its MetaDefender suite of products, and its OESIS Framework endpoint security SDK has helped secure over 200 million endpoints. To learn more about OPSWAT, visit OPSWAT.com.

About SE Labs

SE Labs assesses products and services designed to detect malware attacks, protect against intrusions, or both. They test a range of solutions, including endpoint software, network appliances, and cloud services. Their tests are technically accurate and relevant, and are conducted with the utmost integrity. SE Labs was founded by Simon Edwards, ex-Technical Director of Dennis Technology Labs and former Chairman of the Board of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO).

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