OPSWAT | Cloud Security for Salesforce Major Update for File Protection

OPSWAT Cloud Security for Salesforce is a cloud-based security solution designed to complement the native security capabilities of the Salesforce platform. This application inspects every device for endpoint security policy compliance before granting access to Salesforce. Even when you have remote access and work from home, your Salesforce access will be protected.

We are pleased to announce a new enhancement for file protection, as files continue to be the main attack vector used today. Every file will be scanned and sanitized to prevent any potentially malicious content from hiding inside the file before it is made available in Salesforce. This capability is particularly important for any organization that needs to provide outside access to their Salesforce instance for customers, partners or contractors.

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Audit and secure access to uploaded documents. We have added our threat detection and file sanitizing capabilities to the application powered by our MetaDefender Cloud solution. This new feature ensures that every file uploaded to Salesforce is scanned by 20+ anti-malware engines and infected files are blocked. The files that users download or wish to upload are sanitized by OPSWAT’s industry-leading Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruct (CDR) technology to mitigate the risks of undetected malware or zero-day exploits.


Native Salesforce integration, cloud scalability. OPSWAT | Cloud Security for Salesforce is a cloud-based security solution designed to complement the native security capabilities of the Salesforce platforms. This application was created to help protect the most challenging Salesforce environments such as Community Cloud, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.



  • Endpoint Compliance enables detailed device compliance using an on-demand or perpetual agent to extend well beyond standard compliance checks to ensure with the highest degree of confidence that your endpoints are secure. In addition to checking OS level, Security Software, Encryption, Password and Firewall settings, there is functionality to check for vulnerability and patch management, manage potentially unwanted applications, and USB media blocking.
  • Industry-leading CDR prevents zero-day attacks from weaponized documents.

    Prevent zero-day and targeted attacks using OPSWAT’s Deep CDR technology (ranked # 1 in the industry). Our zero-trust approach assumes all files are malicious. Each file that has any potentially malicious content is sanitized and rebuilt preserving the same visual data with safe content. The technology is highly effective for preventing unknown threats, including zero-day targeted attacks and threats that are equipped with malware evasion technology. Disarm 100+ common file types, and reconstruct each file ensuring full usability with safe content.

  • Multiscanning detects outbreaks and unknown threats using multiple anti-malware engines, greatly increasing the probability of detection.

    Increase detection rates, decrease outbreak detection times. Our Multiscanning technology simultaneous analysis uses 20+ industry-leading anti-malware engines such as McAfee, CrowdStrike, Bitdefender, and many more using signature-based, heuristics and machine learning technology for the highest and earliest detection of known and unknown threats.

The importance of protecting your data, especially from outside sources, is critical. With Cloud Security for Salesforce, you can ensure the device used to access your data and the files themselves are indeed secure. This capability is available through the Salesforce AppExchange in an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solution. Shop OPSWAT | Cloud Security for Salesforce and start your free trial now.

For more information, please contact one of our cybersecurity experts.

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