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OPSWAT Announces Launch of Metascan Online for Chrome

OPSWAT today announced the release of the Metascan Online extension for Google Chrome. A cloud-based multi-scanning security solution, Metascan Online leverages multiple commercial antivirus engines from over 40 leading industry vendors to detect malware, including spyware, viruses, Trojans, and other exploits. For the first time, this tool allows individuals to use OPSWAT’s multi-scanning technology directly from their browser to scan suspicious files before they are downloaded.

Agustin Roldan

Useful for both home-users and IT professionals, the extension differentiates itself from others in the field by utilizing Metascan Online’s database of millions of scanned malware files for quick and detailed results. It also provides an easy-to-access personal scan history and the option to automatically analyze all downloads, or to focus on individual files by right-clicking prior to download.

The new extension is the culmination of a project that had its start in OPSWAT’s first-ever programming competition for University students. UC Merced student Agustin Roldan developed the original application using Metascan Online’s Public API and OPSWAT’s developers used his submission as the basis for this final version. Roldan reports that he is “thrilled” that his submission is being used by the general public: “The API enabled me to integrate virus scan functionality quickly, giving me the opportunity to focus on building a better app. I enjoyed working on this project, as it allowed me to explore multiple technologies and implement them to solve a problem."

According to OPSWAT CEO Benny Czarny, the contest was a success and he hopes to make it a regular event. “We were impressed by the quality of the submissions we received,” he said, before going on to affirm his commitment to investing in upcoming CS talent: “We want to do anything we can to support and reward these innovative young programmers.”

The Metascan Online Google Chrome extension is available for download here. To take advantage of the threat detection capabilities users must add in their Metascan Online API key as directed after installing the extension. New users can register through the OPSWAT Portal for a free Metascan Online API key.

For more information, please contact one of our cybersecurity experts.

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